What in the world is an Aurasma photo op? You know at Disney when you see a landmark or a cool backdrop and you think, I have to get my picture here!? Well if it has an “Aurusma” icon by it…use your smart phone or tablet. If you use your smart phone to take the photo using the Aurasma photo App, the photo springs to life.

 Here are a couple of examples from Star Wars Weekends 2014.

 1. If you were waiting in line at Darth’s Mall, you would see photo booth sceneries setup. If you used your Aurasma App on your phone to take the photo, extremely realistic digital Star Wars characters would enter the photo and stand by your party members and would interact and pose with the group. It really helped pass the time.

 2. If you took a photo of the Star Wars Weekends logo using Aurasma, the icon would spring to life and it appeared as though Mickey was in the midst of a galactic battle. To see what I am talking about download the app and then visit: http://www.aurasma.com/campaigns/#/disney-world-star-wars-weekends

Take a photo of the icon and see what happens!

Because of the success of the program during Star Wars Weekends, you can now experience this cutting edge technology at “Frozen Summer Fun.” Download the App and the go to the following link:


Scan the photo of the guide map on the webpage and see this interactive frozen experience for yourself!!!

 To see an Aurasma demonstration, view the following Youtube video: