Walt Disney World is known for its ‘magical feeling’ that guests experience while visiting the parks. The magic is created in a variety of ways unbeknownst to guests. Many guests refer to their ‘magical experiences’ as getting sprinkled with Pixie Dust.  How is this ‘magical feeling’ created?  Where does the Pixie Dust come from?  What are the secrets of Walt Disney World?

To help answer those questions and a few more, I booked a Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom.  This tour is a five hour walking tour around the Magic Kingdom park which details the creation of the park, hidden secrets and much more.  You’ll need a park ticket and paid reservation for the tour to participate.  This attraction is only for guests 16 years and older.

Our tour started at the front of the park with meeting Walt Disney. We didn’t meet the ‘real’ Walt Disney but we got to listen to the story of how Walt envisioned his dreams while standing next to the iconic statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Partner Statue

As we walked down Main Street, our guide explained the details about the writing on the main street buildings.  Who are those people and why were their names painted on the windows?  All of this was explained along with a few more ‘magical’ pieces of information. Many guests have heard rumors about things that occur in the parks after guests leave like the tale of feral cats being released at night to keep the mice away.  These tales of course are not true but the rumor of their being an underground tunnel under Main Street IS TRUE!

Main Street Window

On your tour you will get to travel down to the underground tunnels and see how some of the ‘magic’ is created.  The tunnels are known as ‘utilidors’ (utility corridors) and are comprised of offices, wardrobe department, cafeterias, and salon.  Before a character ever steps foot on main street, they are dressed, groomed and transported to the correct spot of the park using the underground tunnels. The map shows how the tunnels go through and around the entire MK.

Tunnel Map

Jessie on her way back to the tunnels after her meet ‘n’ greet with guests.

Jessie on her way back to the tunnels after her meet ‘n’ greet with guests.









You’ll also get to walk on to some of the attractions from an insider’s point of few and learn about the details behind the creation of those rides.  Your tour will end with a delicious lunch and you’ll be presented with a special gift only given to those who take the tour.

On your next trip to Disney, take note of where the characters go when they are done greeting guests or how many Disney cast members you see leaving the park by the front gate.  You’ll be surprised with what things you’ll learn.

To book your tour you can contact Me and the Mouse Travel Agent at www.meandthemouse.com.

Roxanne Genovese

Travel Specialist