Nope. Wasn't interested. I've cruised before (years ago on a different cruise line), and I really wasn't all that excited to do it again. Well, when I became a vacation planner about 3 years ago, my daughter began to show interest in a Disney cruise. Really, she was begging to go. So, what's a mom to do?

Her birthday was approaching, and I had an opportunity to experience my first Disney voyage, so I decided to surprise her with the trip.

The excitement as we were just coming off the last bridge on the way to Port Canaveral....I think we both cried when the Disney Magic came into view! Those recognizable smoke stacks, the Mickey logo on the side of the ship, the Disney terminal,.... Truly, I think the fact that it was a DISNEY ship, knowing the magic we would be experiencing shortly, it completely transformed my idea of what this cruise was going to be.

I was surprised by how quickly we were able to check-in and receive our Key to the World cards, and then signing my daughter up for the Kids' clubs was just as fast. Boarding was organized and went quickly, as well, and there was even time for photos! The entire process of getting everyone on board the shipment safely was very impressive.

We immediately started exploring the ship - kids' clubs, restaurants, the beautiful lobby, seeing the theaters, and enjoying the art that covers the walls throughout the ship. We immediately met our stateroom host, Charlie, as soon as our room was ready.

For the next 3 nights, we were greeted by friendly faces in the halls, silly towel animals in our room, ate, met wonderful people from around the world, played Bingo (twice!), played trivia challenges, ate, met princesses, enjoyed a movie, saw two of the three stage shows, shopped, made repeated visits to the open ice cream station, enjoyed the pool, gazed out at the water, saw beautiful sunsets, ate some more, and loved Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.

There was so much to do at all times that we were never bored. I suppose some would say the trip was too short, but because we always had something to do, I think it also helped to feel like we were on board the ship for much longer to have seen and done everything we did. My daughter had so much fun wandering the ship with me that she didn't want to spend her cruise time in the kids' clubs.scan0005

While we certainly took part in so many family activities, there were plenty of quiet spots for adults to spend their time without the kids, and there were lots of adults traveling with other adults. It never felt crowded, and I never felt over-run by children. There was a good balance of adults and kids with enough room to spread out.

I have already re-booked for another cruise, and this time we'll share the fun with my husband and son. There is something for everyone on a Disney cruise - whether it's onboard the ship, an excursion in one of the ports, or soaking up the sun on Castaway Cay.



Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist