Like so many people, my love for Disney started early on. From visiting Disneyland with my family, seeing my first movies on the big screen, and listening to my favorite Disney stories on my Mickey Mouse record player (over and over and over), I always had my favorites that remain as special as ever to this day.

There were three souvenirs my mom would usually allow me to get when we spent a day at Disneyland.

1. The first was a small glass figurine. Back in those days, I don’t remember a Disney character ever being an option, or my mom was really good at steering my eyes to the less expensive figures, perhaps!

2. I might get to select a postcard. Somewhere, I still have my really old, beaten up, and well-loved Pirates of the Caribbean postcards from the 70s.

3. And my most favorite, a record from the music shop on Main Street!

Sleeping Beauty – My best friend Krista and I would reenact the scenes from the film, dancing and singing and memorizing every line from the record. I always loved when Aurora met her prince in the forest.

The Rescuers – I especially loved Penny’s bond with Rufus the cat. I still quote this movie, way too often, I’ll admit! Try answering the phone sometime with “Madame Medusa’s Pawn Shop Boutique!”

Pete’s Dragon – Although I loved Disney’s release of the newer Pete’s Dragon, the original is what I always picture first when I think of Elliott. “Candle on the Water” has always been a favorite song of mine and I remember my first Disney Cruise where the music was framed in my stateroom.

I still have my old vinyl records, but I keep the characters close by in my office as cute figurines. Something so simple, a tiny piece of my childhood, just makes me smile. These early memories stay with all of us!

What are some of your favorite Disney memories? Do you still have a memento that you keep nearby?

Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist