Do you know that Disney World is one of the top ten domestic honeymoon spot in the United States? That should be no surprise to anyone who knows about Disney World. If you stop and think about it Disney has great food, great entertainment, and plenty of activities for you to do.

Let me give you some helpful tips to make your honeymoon memorable. Honeymooning at Disney

  1. Choose to travel in off peak season if you can. You will enjoy your Disney World honeymoon much more if you can avoid the crowds. You might be able to find better deals as well.
  2. Sign up for Disney’s Honeymoon Registry. Yes, you read that right. Disney offers a registry. So instead of getting four toaster ovens, you can get exactly what you want. You can go to to start a registry.
  3. If your budget can manage it, stay at a moderate or deluxe Disney resort. Staying on-site will provide less hassles. Moderate or Deluxe resorts provide more on-site recreations and dining options. If you can’t afford to stay at these resorts, be sure to research the value resorts to find the best fit for you and your spouse.
  4. Make Advanced Dining Reservations. This is so important! This is a nice time for you and your spouse to have some down time and enjoy each other without the crowds. Signature Restaurants might provide a nice, romantic option. Also Le Cellier or Be Our Guest are good options. And husbands, if you want to treat your wife like a princess, try Cinderella’s Royal Table. Honeymooning at Disney
  5. Be sure you both are on the same page about what kind of honeymoon you would like to have. Do you want to wake up early to an alarm clock and go all day in the parks or do you want a more relaxed honeymoon?
  6. Don’t forget to get your celebration buttons at Guest Relationships. You will get a lot of attention from cast members if you wear this button. Also go ahead and get the bride and groom Mickey ears. You only get to wear them once in a lifetime.
  7. Get the Memory Maker. This is Disney’s photopass service. This is a great way to get quality photos of the two of you. When you get home, you can edit the photos by adding fun borders.
  8. Make sure you plan some non-theme parks activates. Spend a day at Disney Springs, at the spa, or playing golf.

Most important, let loose and be a kid. You just married the love of your life. Embrace life and the happiness you feel and live, love, Disney!

Lori Steinnerd

Travel Specialist