What is a hidden Mickey? A hidden Mickey is generally 3 circles in the shape of Mickey’s head and can come in a variety of different forms. It can be as simple as a Cast Member being creative with the placement of dinnerware on the tables at a restaurant, a design incorporated in a chandelier, or a a Mickey head etched into the pavement. They are located throughout the parks, resorts, restaurants, select merchandise, and on each ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Pay attention to the detail created by Disney Imagineer’s and Cast Members because hidden surprises are around every corner.

Looking for Hidden Mickeys is a fun activity and provides an opportunity to explore all the creativity the Imagineer’s put into designing everything Disney. So when you’re standing in queue for a ride, look around and see if you can locate a hidden Mickey. If you want a guide to locating the hidden Mickeys, Steven Barrett has created books that provide hints to the locations and it’s a fun way to check them off as you locate each one.

Our family makes a game to see who can find the most Hidden Mickeys. We noticed it forces us to slow down and truly enjoy our surroundings and appreciate the little touches of magic that goes into creating all the magic. Since there are thousands of hidden Mickeys all over Disney World, there are enough to keep you busy to discover new ones during many future vacations.

Janene Jaroscak

Travel Specialist