The reality is that unexpected illness or injuries can happen, even at Disney!  There are multiple resources available to assist you and your family. Disney makes sure you will receive the care that you need, so that you can get back to enjoying your trip as soon as possible!


If you are in a park and you are in need of assistance, seek out the nearest cast member! They will be able to assist you in locating the care you need.  Each of the parks has a First Aid/Baby Care location.  These locations are staffed with a nurse and have common over the counter medications you can purchase.  (They even sell some baby care items in case you need food, formula or diapers. Read more about the Baby Care Stations, HERE!)  They can also offer some basic first aid.  If your situation is more serious, the cast member may assist you in making arrangements. These arrangements can range from: visiting a walk in/urgent care clinic or activating the local Emergency Medical System (EMS).  As you travel throughout Disney World, you may see the Reedy Creek Fire Department Stations.  Unexpected Illness or Injury at DisneyEach firehouse has its own unique theme and exterior design!  If you are in need of receiving care in an Emergency Room, you will be transported to the most appropriate ER.  If you or your family member does not require admission to the hospital, ask the ER to assist you with returning to your resort.


It seems as if 3am is when the unexpected illness presents itself! Call the Front Desk/Concierge at your resort.  They can assist you in arranging for a concierge/on call physician to make a visit directly to your room.  Please be aware, this will be an out of pocket expense and they often will not bill your insurance.  If you are inquiring about care during the hours the local walk in/urgent care is open, the concierge can assist you with transportation to and from the visit.  If your condition warrants or you would like to have the paramedics called, the hotel can call on your behalf, or you can call from your room or your cell phone.


Unexpected Illness or Injury at DisneyWhen preparing for your vacation, make sure you have adequate supply of your prescription medications. ALWAYS pack your medications in your carry on luggage.  What if you forgot a medication at home?  Contact the Front Desk/Concierge and they can assist you in locating the resources to obtaining your medication.  It is always good to contact your insurance provider. This way, you can discuss where you could seek care if something happened! Also, make sure to bring your insurance information with you.  I am a mom and a nurse. I always make sure to bring common over the counter medications. It doesn't matter if we are visiting for a few hours or several days. For liquid medications, make sure you have the proper dose measuring device.


I hope you don’t need to use any of these resources, but in the event that you need to seek medical care, there are a variety of options available to assist you!


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist