Everyone wants that unforgettable first trip to Walt Disney World.  Let me tell you about mine...


It was probably sometime in June, 1982, when the family packed up the car and drove to Florida.  My parents, brother, cousin, and I, took off to see the Mouse himself!  

I don’t remember much, being 2 years old - who would, in all honesty?  I’ve been told stories of me threatening to throw up on my cousin in the back seat; how my eyes instantly lit up from meeting Mickey himself, and learning to ride my tricycle when I got home because of him.  Three very different points in time.  I remember my new Mickey stuffy being with me at all times after.  Magic Disney Moments

As you can see, the 80s was a time of ‘Free Roaming Characters’. Character handlers would guide them through the park, and anyone could run up and meet their favorite Disney character! You can see Mickey petting my hair in this photo! After meeting “Mouw Mouw”, as I affectionately called him, I immediately had to have a stuffy of him (of course) and would always want to go back to see him.  

Upon leaving, my parents bought me a toy.  This little Mickey and I played all the way home.  I ran it up and down the dashboard of our car (mind you, this was the 80s), and watched Mickey’s legs push the pedals...forwards...backwards.  When I got home, I walked straight to my tricycle, and rode it for the first time. Disney World Magic

Thanks Mouw Mouw. Now my daughter snuggles with my first Mickey stuffy when we visit her grandparents. My Mickey tricycle sits on my shelf.  And I share my love for Disney with everyone I know. My first trip was unforgettable.


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Amy Sowinski

Travel Specialist