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For all of us Disney Star Wars Fans, Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is a must! It’s like ordering the best pizza in the world and then you find out it comes with extra cheese. Yes, please!

What makes SWW hard for families with small children is that it can have a lot of lines and wait times and it may be a little more crowded than usual. Sometimes the little people in our family don’t understand why we need to be patient during these times. And I will have to admit SWW is a little more for Mommy and Daddy than the kids. One of the reasons our 2014 SWW was so magical with our small children, was the “Feel The Force Premium Package” offered during the event.

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 The Feel the Force Premium Package gives VIP status and viewing areas for two of the day’s biggest events—“Legends of the Force” motorcade and “Symphony in the Stars” fireworks spectacular.

 The “Legends of the Force” motorcade included complimentary ice-cream treats and cool drinks. This was a welcomed treat in the afternoon! The “Symphony in the Stars” fireworks spectacular included a complimentary dessert bar [all Star Wars themed], adult beverages and fun fancy drinks for the kids. The package also included a small gift bag with autographed photos of some of the stars featured during the event. How does this make your SWW better you may ask?

star wars wkend 4 Star Wars invite

Star Wars Ice Cream

 Simple, you don’t have to wait in line for these events or go out hours ahead of time to save a spot. Disney saves you SHADED seating to the motorcade and the fireworks. Now mind you, you may not be on the front row, but you will have a fantastic spot with snacks! The pictures below show the views and how close my family was able to get. My family of four paid a little under $200 to participate in this program. However, without it we probably would not have participated in these great events, because with our small children it is nearly impossible to show up super early and wait.

Star wars wkend 1

For you die-hard Star Wars fans with children, the Feel the Force Premium Package is a must and it guarantees you lots of positive memories of your SWW visit.