Fantastic Holiday Treats Around the Magic Kingdom!

If there has ever been a time we have needed to feel the magic of the holidays, it’s now in 2020, and Walt Disney World is pulling all the stops with the treats and goodies that are being rolled out for the season! Our goal: find and taste as many of the holiday treats at the Magic Kingdom before time runs out or our tummies explode! That’s right! We took one for the team to find you the best of the best!

For guests looking for something different:

Let It Snow Taco, available at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn
A sugar cookie taco shell filled with salted caramel and a spiced chocolate mousse. The cinnamon and salted caramel made this dessert!

Orange Bird Christmas, available at the Sunshine Terrace
Orange-scented white chocolate mousse with orange curd. It is, perhaps, one of the cuter holiday treats, but be ready for something different with this bird. If you love orange, you may like it more than we did!

Pistachio Chai Tea Float, available at Aloha Isle
Pistachio soft-serve ice cream with spiced chai tea and a red velvet cake pop ornament. The pistachio soft-serve is very light, so the star here is the chai tea. If you like chai, this is a great refreshing snack for a mid-afternoon break.

Stand-outs of the offerings:

Twice Upon a Cupcake, available at the Main Street Bakery/Starbucks
A beautifully decorated Christmas tree atop a vanilla cupcake with a red velvet hidden Mickey surprise.

Holiday Mickey Cinnamon Roll, available at the Main Street Bakery/Starbucks
A Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll drizzled with red and green icing (recommended to share)

Belle's Enchanted Christmas Tree, available at Gaston's Tavern
Almond macarons layered with a cranberry-orange filling. This delicate treat is light and adorable. (Be sure to pair it with LeFou's Brew!)

The clear winner:

Chip ‘n’ Dale Christmas Churro, available at Westward Ho Refreshments
A gingerbread churro topped with apple pie filling, marshmallow icing, and mini chocolate chips. It looked delicious, smelled delicious and was the only holiday dessert we completely devoured!

If you collect popcorn buckets, be sure to pick up this year’s white Christmas tree refillable popcorn bucket! (Last year’s green tree buckets were also spotted around the Magic Kingdom).

Most treats are available at Disney’s Magic Kingdom thru December 30, 2020