I have to admit I was really skeptical about the face painting at Walt Disney World. It seemed like such a waste of money for something to last just one day. However, during my last trip to Walt Disney World I have changed my mind!

 I have two girls, ages five and two. Both of them had grandparents give them spending money at Walt Disney World, and they both began talking about how they wanted to spend their money on face painting before they even got to Disney World. I had a discussion with my girls, and we decided that we would get our faces painted at the Animal Kingdom.

 We decided that first thing in the morning would be best for the experience, so we would not have to wait in line. We walked up to the booth right outside of the Kilimanjaro Safaris. Three young lady cast members were working the booth. They were very sweet with my girls. After my kids picked out their designs the artist got quickly to work. My kids held more still than I’ve ever seen them. They were so excited.

 While the artists were painting, they told me that touchups were free during the day they were purchased anywhere on Disney property, including Downtown Disney. Just show your receipt and you are good to go. This really sweetened the pot for me! We ended up having three touchups on the girls that day. We paid $16/painting and I really feel like we got our monies worth!

 A couple days later, we were at Hollywood Studios during Star Wars weekend. My girls once again wanted to use their money for face painting, because they loved it so much. Since we had such a wonderful experience with it at Animal I quickly agreed. Again, I was not disappointed.

 My girls had arrived in costume that day as Yoda. The face painting really completed their outfit and people oohed and aahed all day. Again, we had several touch ups with no problems, and the cast members were always happy to help.

 The thing I liked most about the face painting is it really made for some great photo ops during our trip!