With all the attractions specifically for preschoolers at the other parks, Epcot seems like it might be a bore. But make no mistake, Epcot can be fun for adults and preschoolers alike!

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a great place to start with your little one. Climb aboard a Clamobile and have your preschooler find Nemo among the fish in the aquarium. When you are finished, take in a Turtle Talk with Crush – an interactive experience where the kids are integral to the show. Be sure to prepare your preschooler with a question they can ask Crush before they go in, so that they get an opportunity to be part of the show. 

If some in your group want to take in some of the bigger rides, like Test Track or Mission Space, know there is a great indoor, air-conditioned area you can wait with your preschooler. To get to it, go through the store at the end of Mission Space and you’ll walk out into Space Base which includes a space-themed playground for the kids. They will climb until their hearts content and the time spent waiting for your friends and family to finish their ride will pass in what seems like an instant.

World Showcase doesn’t need to be avoided with preschoolers but make sure you have a stroller to handle the long trek around World Showcase Lagoon. Many characters can be found in their native countries and the lines for pictures are generally shorter than those in other parks, not to mention the backdrops for those pictures are beautiful. Find the KidCot station in each country and let you child color a cardboard cutout of Duffy the Bear and get Duffy’s carrying stick stamped with a stamp unique to each country. When visiting Mexico, be sure to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros.

This is a lot more to do with preschoolers at Epcot than just these highlights mentioned. Take your time, enjoy the day and make sure to have Epcot part of your dream Walt Disney World vacation with your precious preschooler!