If it sounds too good to be true...it probably is!

It’s close to the holidays, so ideas of ‘the best deal possible’ are dancing in all our heads when it comes to the perfect family gift.  It comes as no surprise that a top holiday gift is a Disney Vacation, and we all want the best vacation at the best possible price!  Me and The Mouse Travel wants you to be safe when choosing your next vacation.

Free trips? Giveaways? Hundreds of winners?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  WELL, you’re right!  These “scam sites” create false Facebook (and other social media) pages.  They may post seemingly harmless articles and items from time to time to gain followers and garner interest...and then BAM...your feed has a ‘too good to be true’ post.  

Be wary of fake Walt Disney World, and other Disney destination, giveaways: "Comment, Like and Share to win tickets...a free trip...money!" all sounds fantastic - but they are all a scam.  Thinking “well, this can’t hurt” could result in data mining, and could potentially hack your Facebook (or other social media) account.  Some even phish for personal information such as DOB or your SSN!  It’s scary.

So, how can you tell if these posts are fake? Here are key things to look for:

  1. Spelling Errors and Poor Grammar!
    Not only does it appear in the company name, but also in the title and description of the post - the Disney Company would never publish something this careless.  There are a handful of errors in the image to the right.
  2. Punctuation (like periods or dashes) that aren’t typically in the company name or title.No Scam- Walt Disney World
  3. Wording is questionable:  title is worded strangely, or the description is misleading. In the case of the image above - the resort photos are of 2 different resorts and the Castle suite, yet the giveaway claims the images are from the same hotel. What else, from the image to the right, do you see that fits this description?
  4. A photo attached that looks ‘too good to be true’ - i.e. stacks of tickets or magic bands.
  5. No Link to an official Disney Website!  Any legitimate giveaway or promotion would link you to an official Disney webpage.  

Here is a side by side of a what a legitimate Disney website (on the top) and a “scam site” looks like when seen on Facebook (on the bottom).  You will notice the ‘blue check’ that verifies this site is, in fact, who it says it is.

Official Disney Facebook
Avoid Scams- Walt Disney World


Scams such as these are not isolated to Disney - car companies, jewelry companies, and other such ‘big ticket’ items have been victims.  Know what you are looking at, verify its legitimacy, and follow the 5 step above to keep yourself safe.

If it sounds ‘too good to be true’ - it probably is!

Stay safe on social media, and get the BEST DEAL possible from a trusted Travel Specialist at Me and The Mouse Travel.

Amy Sowinski

Travel Specialist

(screenshots from Facebook.com)