Growing up in Southern California, Disneyland was my favorite place above all else to visit if only for a short afternoon. I started sharing my love for Disneyland with each of my children at an early age, and we have developed some favorite traditions when visiting the parks.

Tigger Tails. You can find them back in Critter Country at Pooh Corner immediately next to the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction. Tigger Tails are an orange-flavored chocolate wrapped around marshmallows and caramel. Rest assured - no Tiggers are harmed in the making! They have lots of yummy treats here if you've got a sweet tooth as well as lots of Disney kitchen gadgets.Tigger-Tail-Whole

Upon entering Fantasyland from the drawbridge, look to your left for a very unassuming flight of stairs leading up into Sleeping Beauty's Castle. The story of Sleeping Beauty is depicted in several window scenes as you wind yourself around the narrow corridors. My husband proposed here, so I always have to walk through and smile when I visit.

Indiana's the best ride on this side of the Disneyland Resort! Thrills, suspense, and amazing scenery.....! There is a height limit, and I would suggest putting younger kids in the center seats of the vehicle in case it is too scary for them. My husband and I would drive down on a Sunday morning, enjoy the ride, have a bite to eat, and call it a day!

Shopping at the Emporium. When I was a child, I got to pick out one souvenir when we visited, so I started a collection of little glass figures that I purchased at the Emporium. My kids have chosen to collect trading pins and Vinylmation figures. While they no longer trade Vinylmations around the park, you can easily find guests and cast members at the ready for some fun pin trading!Mickey-Beignets-with-sauces

Mickey Mouse Beignets. When exiting the Walt Disney Railroad at New Orleans Square, just to the right of the stairs as you enter the courtyard is a small window. You can walk up and order your beignets here and grab a shady spot to people watch while you enjoy your sweet snack!


There is so much history throughout the Disneyland park. My kids like to find "hidden" objects in the park that are a part of Disneyland's past. Can you find the old ticket booth in Fantasyland? or the Caterpillar's shoe at the Alice in Wonderland attraction? The Disney family crest and coat of arms?


For a quick bite, I love the Bengal Barbecue which is directly across from the Jungle Cruise/Indiana Jones attractions. The beef skewers are spicy but SO good!!!

For a casual sit-down lunch, the River Belle Terrace offers meals big enough to share, room to spread out, and a great view of the Rivers of America. This has always been my favorite spot to stop for a filling lunch and just take a breather.

Ending the day with a parade and a Mickey Mouse balloon. Always.

Mickey balloons
Create your own favorites to enjoy with your family and friends!

Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist