DisneyGiftCardDisney Gift Card Balance Tracking Made Easy

When I travel to any Disney destination, I usually come with a handful of Disney gift cards.  My only issue was being able to conveniently track the balance on each one.  I used to use a Sharpie with a trail of hard-to-read writing and scratch outs, but on my most recent trip, I discovered the efficiency of the Disney gift card app. 

After downloading the app to my iPhone free from iTunes, I loaded each card I had purchased and selected an image to represent each card.  You will need the card label number (at the top of your gift card), the card number (the 16 digit code) and the card PIN (security code) to load a gift card. Keep loading any additional cards and it will list them all on your screen with the balance on each one.    

Once all your cards are loaded, it’s time to start shopping!  When you swipe cards for purchases, all you need to do is tap to refresh for the remaining balance.  Spend down to a zero balance and the card will disappear from your list of cards. 

The Disney gift card app is a simple solution to help keep your gift cards organized and tracked.  The download is free from iTunes for iPhones, but unfortunately not available for Andriod at this time. 


Julie Stewart

Travel Specialist