For months before a guest travels, Me and the Mouse agents work to secure desired table service restaurants our guests want to experience during their stay.  While table service locations are amazing, you shouldn’t miss out on some of their top quick service spots that guests have come to love.

May 27, 1995 was opening day for one of the most popular quick service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, Casey’s Corner!  With the name referencing the poem, Casey at the Bat, this place features the signature go to entrée you’ll find at any baseball stadium…the hot dog!


Opened for Lunch and Dinner, you will not find a wide variety of options here unless you are specifically looking for a hot dog to be part of the meal…but that’s good enough for me!!  From the traditional hot dog, to the famous chili dog, to specialty dogs, you will find them all at Casey’s.

Entrées include:

  • Loaded Mashed Potato All Beef Hot Diggity Dog
  • Chili Cheese All Beef Hot Dog
  • Bacon Macaroni & Cheese All Beef Hot Dog
  • All Beef Classic Hot Dog

** all above hotdogs are available as regular or foot long

  • Plant Based Dog
  • Plant Based Loaded-Slaw Dog
  • Corn Dog Nuggets (these are MY favorite)

**Entrees are served with apple slices or fries

**Specialty hot dog offerings are subject to change

If you are looking for other treats, you can get any of the following;

  • Loaded Mashed Potato Fries
  • French Fries (try a side of cheese sauce for amazing cheese fries!)
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Chili Cheese French Fries
  • Chili
  • Brownie


Located in one of the most popular spots in Magic Kingdom, Casey’s Corner can be found at the end of Main Street with an amazing view of the Castle!  Because of this, it can be quite popular. If you arrive at the non-peak times for lunch and dinner, you will likely avoid the crowds.


Inside of Casey’s Corner, there is VERY limited places to sit.  You will find most of the seats for this location outside along with a few tables to stand at.  These are some of the most popular seats for guests who are not even eating at Casey’s Corner because of its prime location to the hustle and bustle in the area surrounding the castle.  If all the seats are taken, usually you can wait a few minutes to see if another guest will be moving or even check across the street to the tables outside the Plaza restaurant.


You may be in for a fun surprise while you sit outside the restaurant…live entertainment! Performing at various times throughout the day, you’ll find a pianist tickling the ivories on his white piano next to the outdoor seating area.  Have a request? Go ahead and make it!

Do not miss out on this fun and infectious area of the park.  It’s the place where you can people watch, listen to the sounds of the park, and enjoy some awesome corn dog nuggets to top it all off!  A perfect afternoon!

Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist