You have been looking forward to your first cruise. You have reviewed your packing list a dozen times, booked your airfare but you still are not sure what will happen on the first day of your cruise. This is a quick rundown of what to expect.

To make your boarding day easy, It’s important to do your online check-in prior to leaving home. Remember to get select your boarding time, print your documents and sign them.

To make a smooth arrival, it helps to have your luggage tags on your bags prior to arriving at the port. A porter will take your bags from you and the next time you will see them will be in your stateroom. However, your stateroom won’t be ready until about 1:30 PM, so it is important to keep any items with you that you may need prior to getting access to your stateroom, like bathing suits, medications, etc. The pools will be open when you get onboard.

The check-in process at the port is very quick and easy. The Cast Member will take your paperwork, your picture will be taken, and you will get your stateroom key. You will then get your boarding group #.

Try to grab a Navigator, which is the daily agenda that will let you know what is going on. You will have a chance to start planning your first night on board while you are in the terminal waiting to board.

While in the terminal you will have an opportunity to have a picture taken with a character. The line may be long, so do not stress, you will have many more opportunities throughout your cruise.

You can also get your kids signed up for the kids' clubs in the terminal while you wait to board. If the line is long, you will also have another opportunity to do this once on board.

Once your boarding # is called, your vacation begins as you start the boarding process. Your family will be able to have your picture taken prior to getting on the ship.

As you step on the ship, the crew is there to announce your family name and greet you with a warm round of applause to welcome you onboard.

Since you were probably too excited to eat a big breakfast, you can now head up to Cabanas for a buffet lunch and the start of your vacation.

Sometime around 4:00, you will be required to participate in the master drill, which takes about 30 minutes.

The ship is now ready to sail, so head up to the pool deck and join the characters and entertainment crew for the sail away party. It’s a festive way to kick off your vacation.

Have a wonderful vacation. Happy sailing!!!