Calling all Disney fanatics … The Midship Detective Agency needs your help!  You can play along with this free interactive game when cruising on either the Disney Fantasy or the Disney Dream. This activity will keep even the littlest passengers entertained. 

The game begins when you “sign up” at the Midship Detective Agency desk.  You then receive your detective badge card.  This card will activate the game at different locations throughout the ship.  The goal of the game is to figure out which villain has committed the crime through the process of elimination.

 Not sure your littles will be interested yet?  Here’s the best part: In order to play you must locate the Enchanted Artwork onboard.  Once you hold your badge card in front of the art the magic really begins.  The art comes to life in spectacular fashion using scenes from your favorite new and classic Disney animations!

When my family visited the Disney Dream we played this game over and over, especially on the days at sea.  It was a hit with all four of us.  I was thrilled to see the classic artwork, my husband thought the animation was amazing and our kids loved the idea of working along with Mickey to solve the crimes!  Another great feature of these activities was how quickly it helped us to learn the ship.  We went from deck to deck, forward to aft looking for the clues we needed.  The kids really enjoyed doing this even until late into the evening.

On the Dream you can choose from two different scenarios for the game.  Either “The Case of the Missing Puppies” or “The Case of the Plundered Paintings” can be played at any given time.  Once you have finished one of the games you can always go back to the desk and choose to play the other.  The game can also have a different outcome every time you play.  On the Fantasy you can play these games as well as a new game featuring the Muppets called “The Case of the Stolen Show”.

Schedule your Disney Cruise Vacation with your Me and The Mouse Agent today and start planning this and a multitude of other fun activities onboard!