When the crowds and heat at Disney's theme parks frustrate and exhaust you, take a break and relax in a winter wonderland. This water park is home to some of the greatest water slides in the country with one of the most creative themes Disney has done to date. Built around the idea of a rare Florida snowfall, residents try to turn the area into a ski resort. Since the snow in Central Florida didn't stay long, all of the melting created the water fun of Blizzard Beach. 

One of the most unique aspects of Blizzard Beach is the ski lift that takes you to the top of Mount Gushmore. Once you're there, you can enjoy the slides without having to climb flight after flight of stairs while carrying a huge raft. The biggest slide at the top of Mount Gushmore is the Summit Plummit, dropping only the bravest more than 12 stories down a chute of water at speeds that can reach up to 60mph. For more mild thrills, guests can grab a tube or a mat for Runoff Rapids, the Tobaggan Races and the Downhill Double Dipper. For some serious family fun, try Teamboat Springs. This river raft ride can accommodate a whole family of six for an unforgettable experience!    

For your small swimmers,  there are two kids-only areas. Tike's Peak and Ski Patrol can provide an entire day of fun for little ones 4' and under with slides, wading pools, interactive water play areas and water obstacle courses.   

Blizzard Beach has a wide variety of American cuisine counter service restaurants eligible for the Disney Dining Plan quick service and snack credits. Make sure while you are here that you check out the mini donuts stand. The mini donuts served with chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry dipping sauce are my absolute favorite snack at Blizzard Beach. The only downfall to those delicious mini donuts are knowing that you're eating them while wearing your bathing suit! 

Tips to get the most out of your Blizzard Beach experience: 

Bring your own beach towel! You can always rent a towel there for $2, but try not to forget your own.  Feel free to bring from your resort.

Rent a locker if you have any valuables in the park with you. Small lockers are $13/day and larger lockers are $15/day.  

Wear bathing suits without rivets.  

It's completely safe to wear your Magic Band while you are in the water and if you have Memory Maker, make sure you get those photos added to your band! 

One-day admission to the water parks is $54 plus tax, but if you're looking for a better deal add the "Waterpark Fun and More" option to your base ticket for an upgrade price of $63.90 per ticket.  This upgrade will allow you to enter the water parks as many times as you have days on your Disney World tickets.  For example, a 7-day ticket will give you 7 entrances to a combination of Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Quest. You can go for a half day or visit the water parks on your days "off" from the theme parks.  

For any Disney fan, the theming of Blizzard Beach is completely impressive and enjoyable. Add in the variety of slides and water play areas, grab some mini donuts and you are sure to have a wonderful Disney day! 

Julie Stewart

Travel Specialist