Ahoy, Mateys!! Are you ready to become a ‘scurvy pirate recruit” and help Captain Jack Sparrow find some hidden treasures? Then you’ve come to the right place.  This free interactive treasure hunt lets you encounter five different pirate adventures within Adventureand.   A Pirate’s Adventure was inspired by the ever popular movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

While in Magic Kingdom, make your way to Adventureland.   You’ll pass the Pirates of the Caribbean ride on your left and head toward the Pirates Adventure Building.  When you enter the building, touch your magic band or park ticket (also known as your Talisman) on the kiosk as indicated on the Pirate Adventure screen.pirate

The screen will walk you through on how to start your pirate adventure.  A Disney cast member is never far away if you need assistance.  Be sure to take the correct map and start at the symbol indicated on your screen.  If you happen to grab the wrong map or start with the wrong symbol, on your first mark you will be told to go to another site.  You can always go back to the Pirates Adventure Building to get assistance.

As you work your way through the different interactive destinations, place your talisman on the symbol to activate the area.  Listen and look closely for the clue to your next destination or maybe you’ve found your treasure.

There are several treasure hunts to go on.  Return to the Pirate Adventure building to activate your talisman and retrieve your new map.  You can take as long as you like to complete each adventure.  When you’re finished, keep the map as a free souvenir.

Fear not Matey’s!! The magic contained in your talisman will help you find the hidden treasure and ensure a folly of fun on your pirate adventure.

Roxanne Genovese

Travel Specialist