If you plan a visit to Disney World, specifically Epcot, there are various festivals going on during certain times of the year, from the International Flower and Garden Festival, the Festival of the Arts, and my personal favorite, the Food and Wine Festival. While the scenery is vibrant and the shows are entertaining at Epcot, the mouthwatering food around the World Showcase is what draws me in. One of the questions I commonly hear is, “How can I use my dining plan to fully experience the vast array of food options?”

First thing you may not know is that most of these food kiosks at the festivals offer various options which are covered by the dining plan and usually count as one snack. So, if you are a true foodie (like me), this is where you can take full advantage and use those snack credits for a delicious upgrade to items including seared scallops or beef tenderloin tips, instead of cotton candy or popcorn.

The second thing you may not know is how flexible the dining plan can be for tasting your way around the World Showcase. You may think you are limited to just two snacks per day, but you actually have a bank of credits you can use at any time throughout your trip and you can also turn quick service credits into snack credits. At participating locations, they will convert one quick service credit into three snack credits if used in the same transaction.

Now, you may wonder if switching out a whole meal into three snacks is worth it or if it will fill you up. First, my answer happily is 100% yes, especially if you love trying new things! Converting your credits allows you to try a host of new things you probably wouldn’t otherwise try, including Frushi from Hanami (Japan) which is fruit in a sushi roll using coconut rice, or my favorite, the house-made potato and cheddar biscuit served with smoked salmon tartare from Cider House. If you are with friends, it’s also a great idea to pool your credits and share a number of snacks to get the most variety.

If you are going solo and worried about squandering your credits on something that won’t fill you up or you won’t like, I would suggest scoping out the food before you buy it to see how big the portions are because some are definitely bigger than others. I’ve also been known to strike up a conversation or two with someone who has already gotten the item to see how they like it, which has led to great suggestions.  I can confidently say though, if you use your quick service meal turned into snack credits and your two snack credits for the day, you won’t be left hungry. I tend to eat a lot and by my fourth tapas-style snack, I am usually more than satiated and my only problem is how I can eat more!

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Jen Morrison

Travel Specialist