will nancy mickey ears (1)Disneyland was always a huge part of my life, and I’d always dreamed of being proposed to at Disneyland – in front of the castle, in the canoes, on Tom Sawyer Island or under the fireworks,…

I knew a proposal was coming but wasn’t sure when or where until one day my Will and I were headed to Disneyland for the day. Of course, that morning I was having a bad hair day and couldn’t decide what to wear, and he was becoming more and more impatient that we leave. That wasn’t typical for him.

We finally got on the road, and all he could talk about was visiting the castle first thing. Really? Again…not the typical behavior of my boyfriend. Why the castle? Okay…something’s coming!

At Disneyland, there is a walkthrough of the story of Sleeping Beauty that winds you up a dimly lit staircase in the castle where you can view various scenes from the film. Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorites growing up, so this seemed perfect!

First window? Okay…pretty, but nope! Moving on. Next window? Well…no. It went on like this until we were nearing the end and I figured I must have read him wrong. Not here. Maybe not today. Until…

I had been distracted at the last scene when I turned and saw Will down on his knee, ring in hand. Yes! Well, not “yes” yet! Now, I was so very aware of all the people around us that I rushed him down the stairs and back out into the courtyard where he once again asked me the big question and slipped the ring onto my finger. I, in turn, pulled out the chain around my neck where I had hidden an engagement ring for him!

We have no big photos to show from our special moment. Just a wonderful memory of being in love in my Happiest Place.

Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist