We scheduled our Private Celebration Cruise to leave from the Contemporary Resort about 1 month before we went on vacation.  It was no problem to book and there seemed to be a good amount of availability. You’re able to book your cruise to leave from the Magic Kingdom Resorts to see the Happily Ever After fireworks or from the Boardwalk launch to see (at the time - June 2019) Illuminations.  We opted for Happily Ever After! We were a little bummed when we arrived as the day we booked was predicted to be thunderstorms all day but we got lucky as the skies parted and gave us a beautiful June night with a nice breeze. Note all the towels in the picture below which were put there due to the rain.

There were so many things that made this worth our while, but here are the top 5 reasons I would encourage you to book your Specialty Firework Cruise for your party.

  1. The Awesome Behind the Scenes Tour we had from our Skipper.

We had the pleasure of spending our evening with cast member Angelique.  She was amazing, to say the least, from her friendliness to her obvious passion for Disney. She had so many fun facts for all of us to enjoy - and we ranged from ages 4 years to 73 at the time of the cruise.  Before Angelique got us to a primo spot to watch fireworks, we got to cruise around and listen to all the stories she had about the different resorts, parks, and even a close up look at the abandoned Discovery Island (which the kids thought was SO cool!).  It was so informative and everyone in our party felt the hour of talking to her was worth the cruise, it really was like a tour.

  1. An Incredible View of The Electrical Water Pageant

With two school-aged kids, the water pageant is always something they want to see - it’s something about those neon lights and listening for the music that lights the kids up.  On the other hand, I don’t get too excited about it except this time I did.  While securing your spot to see the fireworks, you get will get a front-row view of the Electrical Water Pageant.  As silly as it may seem, it was extra magical seeing it all close-up!

  1. Great for the kids

Admittedly, when we booked the cruise, we were unsure if it was going to be a good idea to have a 4 and 6-year old on a boat with minimal entertainment waiting a couple of hours to watch a firework display. As always, Disney had this covered.  Not only was it entertaining for the kids, but they were also in awe of being out in the middle of it all on our own private boat with plenty of snacks and drinks (included with the boat). They were entertained by Angelique as much as we were and their behavior was not a problem at all.  It also helped that it was at the end of Disney Parks day where their little legs were happy to be in a seat! But that’s the thing - there was enough room for them to walk a little, lay down, and actually fall asleep after the fireworks. It was a win-win for all parties!

  1. It’s a Unique Private Experience

I think we all left the cruise feeling special. It was something truly different than everything we had done before and we just had the basic celebration package. We didn’t get the onboard dining that was available and we still felt like there were some great touches - like the tray with our name written in chocolate with all different kinds of macaroons and truffles.  The evening itself would be great for a family or for a couple (or two...or three...or four…) looking for a little romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of the parks. As a family that feels like we’ve “done it all” at Disney, this was so much fun and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something a little more unique and a little more personal! They have different boats/pricing for different party sizes.  Our yacht held up to 8 and it was plenty big for the 7 of us (5 adults and 2 littles).

  1. The BEST view of the Fireworks. 

We’ve seen the fireworks from the shores of the Grand Floridian, California Grill, other fireworks cruises as well as, of course, from various spots within the Magic Kingdom and nothing, I mean nothing, beat this view.  It was better than the Pirate Cruise because we got to sit there quietly and enjoy them. It was one of those memories I’ll never forget because the moment was so very special. As you watch the fireworks, the music plays through the boat and you get the most incredible view while being able to watch the awe in your children’s eyes...all that without the struggles of the crowd that usually leave me somewhat grumpy.

In our opinion, the private celebration cruise is totally worth it!

You can learn more about cruises and how to book here.

Depending on the time of fireworks, your cast member will tell you what time to meet at the boat launch/marina when you call to book.  Annual pass holders do get 10% off the price of the cruise (which varies depending on when you visit).

Bethany Jacobs

Travel Specialist