Nothing is more fun than having a secret to tell your children that you know will make them happy….ok, so if the secret is going to Disney World, it is extra fun!! How you announce to your kids they are going to the House of Mouse can be an added element of fun to your trip.

You can make the surprise all your own. Some parents will tell their kids in advance and enjoy the countdown with them, some give the surprise to them as a gift for their Birthday or a holiday, like Christmas, and some will tell the kids the day of. However and whenever you choose to tell them, you have a chance to make the announcement extra special! Your kids will not forget how you surprised them and kicked off such an amazing trip.

This is how I announced our recent trip to my kids: My boys are exactly one month apart, which was nice for me, since they could both share in this birthday surprise I had for them. I planned our trip for the month of October, where we would be enjoying Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. For the trip announcement, as well as partial birthday gifts, I ordered their Halloween costumes (Jake and Cubby from Jake and the Neverland Pirates), had Mickey ears made with their names on them (my mom picked these up on her summer trip), Mickey Mouse t-shirts, and a couple of stuffed animals. I wrapped everything in a box and made it look like Mickey’s shorts. I had a friend make Mickey Mouse cupcakes and I had a giant Mickey balloon. I also made a special card written to the boys from Mickey Mouse, inviting them to join him and his pals down in Disney World. There was also a countdown chart where we would use Mickey stickers to countdown the days till we left.

surprise box
To plan your family’s announcement, here is a small checklist of things you need to consider or prepare:
1. Decide when you will announce the trip? Will it be months in advance, one month, a few days, or the day of?
2. Is the trip a part of a holiday or birthday present? If so, think of a creative way to tie the theme together (Mickey birthday cake, Mickey Christmas Stocking, Princess themed Easter Basket, etc).
3. How will you announce the trip? It could be through a scavenger hunt where the kids need to find clues/words that will spell out the announcement, will it be a present with Disney themed items they open on their birthday or a holiday, or a surprise while they sit in the car getting ready to go to “school” for the day?

surprise letter
There are ideas all over Pinterest to help customize your announcement. It will take some prep work, but in the end it is worth it to see the excitement build on your child’s face when they realize they are going on a Disney Vacation!

You can make your announcement as big or as low key as you would like….no matter what you choose to do, your children will love not only the trip you and your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist have planned, but also all the hard work you put into the announcement. One important thing… NOT forget to video tape their reaction…it is a moment you will definitely want to relive!!


Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist