Waiting at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios with Preschoolers – Part 2

Waiting with Preschoolers Part 2 - Boneyard

Patience for people at all ages is hard, but for a preschooler, it’s even harder. In this part of our waiting blog, we give you a list of places to go at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios with your preschooler when you are waiting for others to go on height restricted rides that will entertain and fascinate your little ones.

Waiting at Animal Kingdom – Dinosaur and Primevil Whirl

Located in DinoLand USA is the Boneyard, a sandy play maze where kids can dig for fossils, slide and climb. A bridge over the pedestrian pathway connects two sections of the playground and will provide entertainment for eager explorers.

Waiting at Animal Kingdom – Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest

A great area for preschoolers in Asia is the Maharajah Jungle Trek. A walk through what appears to be the ruins of an ancient palace, this trek will have your kids enjoy seeing various exotic animals up close. If you anticipate a lengthy waiting time, take the kids up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch where they can interact with animals at the Affection Section petting zoo.

Waiting at Hollywood Studios – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror

While there isn’t a play area located near these rides, head over to the courtyard in front of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster as there are occasional crafts for young ones to participate in while waiting for older ones to finish their rides. Alternatively, time going on these rides so that the younger ones can watch the parade near the Sorcerer’s Hat.

Waiting at Hollywood Studios – Star Tours

Located not too far from this ride is the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure. This larger than life playground will entertain your child for hours if you let them. If you allow them to wander through the play area by themselves, or if you have multiple children you are with, know that there is only one exit from the area so you can make sure your little bug won’t escape!

Enjoy your time with your preschooler at Disney World. They delight in the littlest things and by taking some one on one time with them, they will cherish their vacation just as much as the older ones in your family!

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