The Disney Magic – Art of the Theme Show Tour

dscn4391The shows on the Disney Magic can be considered elaborate and grandiose but there is another show that the Disney Magic offers that is intimate and just as captivating. The Art of the Theme Show Tour is an adult only tour of the ship that gives you insight into how the Disney Cruise Line’s first ship became the new standard of family cruising on the high seas.

Meeting outside Palo, the Magic’s adult only restaurant, the tour starts by taking you back to the building of the ship in Venice. Paying tribute to that great city, the details in Palo are explained and the story is given of the Venetian mask that hangs in honor in the restaurant, and the maker of the mask who gave it to the Magic as a thank you for being able to watch this great ship being built.

Next, the tour takes you down a few decks to the children’s activities floor where you learn how the height of the ceiling was purposefully dropped to an appropriate height for the children they want to warmly welcome. You also get the chance to hear the story of how Flounder’s Reef Nursery was created from a kitchen when the need for the nursery so quickly became apparent. Included in the story is how the sister ship, the Disney Wonder, had to convert their kitchen into a nursery during the voyage from Europe to North America and its successful opening, only hours after arriving in New York City.

On the fourth deck, the stories take you outside to see the yellow lifeboats. You learn how the Disney Magic was the first ship to have yellow colored lifeboats approved for safety, and the challenges they needed to overcome to have the color yellow approved by all official agencies.

Throughout the tour, the optical illusions aboard the Disney Magic are slowly revealed to the guests. Subtle touches allow you to feel the majesty of the ship and how Disney has taken these measures to ensure you have a most memorable and delightful cruise. Next time you are on the Disney Magic or another of Disney’s amazing cruise ships, look for the Art of the Theme Show Tour on your navigator and check it out. Your eyes will open to the delight that only a Disney cruise can provide!

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