Today, I am sharing with you 5 incredible places to meet Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World.  What is a “Meet and Greet” you ask?  It is a designated spot to find Disney Characters.  Your family is able to meet with them, take pictures and get their autographs. Meeting a character is one of the best things you can do on your Disney Vacation! It is so much fun to get your picture, but you also get to experience their personality in real life {the characters do some pretty entertaining things!}. Take a look at my favorite spots to meet the Mouse himself!


5 Favorite Spots to Meet Mickey Mouse:


  1. Magic Kingdom – located on Main Street USA in the Town Square Theater5 Favorite Places to Meet Mickey at Walt Disney World

Meet Talking Mickey dressed as a magician at this location.  It is so fun interacting with your “favorite” mouse. If you’re lucky, he might even show you one of his magic tricks. 


  1. Epcot – located in Future World at the Epcot Character Spot

At this location, you will find lovable Mickey Mouse in his regular dapper attire. If you’re someone that is looking for a classic Mickey Mouse picture, this is where you should go! 


  1. Hollywood Studios – located on Commissary Lane – Red Carpet Dreams near the New Star Tours

Meet Mickey all dressed up as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. 5 Favorite Places to Meet Mickey at Walt Disney World


  1. Animal Kingdom – located in Discovery Island – Adventurers Outpost

Meet Mickey the Explorer dressed as a safari guide to find a new adventure! This outfit might be my personal favorite {in addition to the classic}, and Minnie looks pretty cute as well! 


  1. Character Dining Location – “Chef Mickey” – located at the Contemporary Resort

Looking for a two for one opportunity? You can join Mickey {and Friends} while dining and celebrating! If you have a busy trip and want to make the most of your time, this might be right up your alley. You can enjoy delicious Disney dining and meet Mickey at the same time! Plus – Mickey is adorable dressed as a Chef. What more could you want? 


Ready to plan your trip to meet the mouse? Contact a Me and The Mouse agent, today!


Traci Perjak

Travel Specialist

1…2…3…Say Cheese!

Photo Spots on AttractionsAs a huge fan of the Memory Maker photo package, I want to be sure to get some fun pictures from the rides that offer PhotoPass at Walt Disney World. Pictures are great memories of a vacation and these rides will give you enjoyable moments to look back on. Be prepared for that picture perfect moment!

Magic Kingdom

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – the room right before this picture is near the end of the ride and has a video of Zurg’s ship moving from side to side as you gather your last points. Your vehicle locks into a forward facing direction and then the picture is taken. Be sure that little faces are between the two blasters or their faces might be hidden in the picture. Photo Spots on Attractions
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – not one but two pictures are taken on this ride. The first picture is taken as you come out of the mine and into the light for the first drop. The next picture is taken later in the series of turns as you approach the end of the ride.
  • Space Mountain – when the ride first starts, you head down a tube of flashing blue lights. Right after the tunnel, you take a sharp turn and the picture is taken right after that turn.
  • Splash Mountain – your moment is captured right as you start the 50 foot drop. Say cheese! Photo Spots on Attractions


  • Frozen Ever After – part of this ride is experienced backwards. Your boat turns forwards when you see Marshmallow and the Snowgies and this is the time to get ready for your perfect pose. Your picture is captured as you start the decent that is also viewed from outside the ride.
  • Test Track – get ready to pose as you break through the barrier to the outdoor speed portion of this ride.

Hollywood Studios

  • Rock n Roller Coaster3, 2, 1, go! Not only is the countdown indicating the start of the ride, but it’s also a countdown to your picture taken at 57 mph.
  • Tower of Terrorwith no two rides the same, be ready for your picture as you are pulled down the hotel’s elevator shaft.
    Photo Spots on Attractions

Animal Kingdom

  • Expedition Everestthis roller coaster takes your picture after you turn back forwards and drop outside the mountain.
  • Dinosaurwatch out for the huge dinosaur on the right hand side near the end of this ride as your picture captures your reaction to it looming over you.

The front rows of the ride will give you the best picture of your family. If there are people behind you, don’t put your arms up as there is a good chance you will hide the people’s faces behind you. Have fun experimenting with poses. The memories you bring home will bring smiles to all for years to come.


Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist

Experience all of the Magic of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life Awakening

One of the first things that people see when they walk into Animal Kingdom is the Tree of Life. It is one of the few artificial plants in Animal Kingdom that stands at 145 ft. tall. The tree can withstand the severe weather of Central Florida.  The branches and leaves were built to not move. However, they look as if they are real.

Most people look upon the tree as the symbol of Animal Kingdom but as they draw closer, they notice the intricate details of the truck and tree branches which make this feature a piece of art.  As you begin to look in detail at the branches and leaves, you begin to notice how tree branches evolve into animals or how the shape of one animal then transforms into another.  The tree itself does not have any moving mechanical parts but guests who visit in the evening hours after dark soon learn of the unique experience that the Disney Imagineers have brought to this statuesque icon of Animal Kingdom. Tree of Life Awakening

After dark, the Tree of Life transforms through the magic of high-tech lighting into a moving masterpiece telling stories and secrets of the animals in the tree.  Disney describes the setting of this “awakening” as the tree is brought to life by magical fireflies who help to awaken the animals.  Guests will get to see animals waking up from slumber or young does prancing across the tree.  A spry fox frolics in the snow until a large bear comes along.  These are just a few of the imageries you’ll experience as you watch the tree come to life.

When the animals are not moving, the tree is lite with a rainbow of colors that change. It is a wonderment to watch the tree and search for the little details such an animal’s tail move, while waiting for the next light show to begin.  The projections of the animals occur for only a few short periods of time so be sure to grab a snack and fine a spot to view the magical experience of the tree.



Animal Kingdom offers a variety of things to see and do after nightfall.  It’s a less crowded time to visit the park and a fun time to experience attractions.

Other items to check out during the night time hours:

  • Kilimanjaro Sunset Safari
  • Discovery Island Carnivale
  • Expedition Everest
  • Tiffins Signature Restaurant
  • Coming Soon Rivers of Light Show.


Roxanne Genovese

Travel Specialist

blog -Memory Maker

When booking packages for clients I always mention the Memory Maker. Why? Because I personally think it is totally worth it! There are three major factors that lead me to this conclusion:

1. User Friendly

2. Photo Options

3. Budget Minded


1. User Friendly:

During my last trip to Disney I purchased the Memory Maker option for our vacation package. It was so incredible easy to use. After entering a park, we would look on a map to see where photographers were stationed. If we passed by one of them, we would take a few quick family photos, scan our MagicBands, and we were good to go!

Want to capture the photos taken on attractions like Splash Mountain or Buzz Light’s Space Ranger Spin? Your MagicBand automatically links these to your account. Just jump off the ride and head on your merry way!blog - Memory Maker 3a

Every evening when we were back in our room we would go to “Disney PhotoPass” online to view our photos for the day. It was awesome to immediately see photos from our trip.

The “Disney PhotoPass” website is very easy to use. Since our trip was to Walt Disney World, our photos were organized by what park we visited.


With one click of a button you can automatically download a digital copy of all your photos—as long as you are within your download window of time.

blog - Memory Maker 2a

2. Photo Options

If you are interested in adding some extra Disney magic to your photo, you can ask the photographer for a Magic Shot. With Magic Shots, extra surprises will be added to your photo after it is taken, like including Tinkerbell in your hand, or Stitch busting out of the pavement in front of you!

blog - Memory Maker 4

After photos show up in your PhotoPass account, they are also very easy to edit. Simply click on the photo you wish to edit, within My Disney PhotoPass. Choose a photo size, change orientation, make a black and white version, or add Disney borders and stickers. This makes your pictures even more special.

blog - Memory Maker 3

Within Disney PhotoPass, there are also many different products you may purchase if you wish, including prints, greeting cards, calendars, books, ornaments, mugs, mouse pads and more!

3. Budget-Minded:

 Save $20 when you purchase Memory Maker online or with your travel agent, at least 3 days before your first photo is taken. Memory Maker cost  $149 when you purchase in advance, compared to the regular price of $169 sold at select locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

Photos remain in your account for 45 days after they are taken. During this time you may download your photos with no additional cost beyond the price of the package.

 In conclusion is the Memory Maker worth the $149? My answer is, “Yes!” Everyone gets to be in the photos, the interface is easy to use, you may customize with fun Disney extras, and you get to download digital files. This is a great deal in my family’s opinion!