Rapid Refills Mugs – Another Perk of the Disney Dining Plan!


There are many perks for guests staying at a Walt Disney World resorts, including Disney Dining plans that include a Rapid Refill Mug.   The Dining Plan makes a lot of sense and can easily save you money while dining at the parks, resorts and Downtown Disney.   To learn more details about the Dining plan options, be sure to check out our blog Dining Plan vs No Dining Plan. http://www.meandthemouse.com/dining-plan-or-no-dining-plan

Resort Refillable mugs, now called Rapid Refills, are included in the 2014 Dining Plan packages or can be purchased separately if you are not on the dining plan.  Rapid Refill mugs are used only at the resorts.  There are no drink stations within the parks for your mugs.  With these souvenir mugs, you can enjoy unlimited fountain drinks, tea and coffee for the duration of your stay.  

What do I need to know?  Everyone on the dining plan (ages 3+) will get their own mug.  You can pick up these mugs in the food service area of your resort.  Rapid Refill Mugs come in a variety of colors, so everyone can choose their favorite.  Rapid Fill drink mugs have an RFID chip(radio frequency identification) in them and the mug must be activated before you can use it at the Rapid Refill drink stations.  You must wait 2-3 minutes before getting your next beverage refill.  The Rapid Fill Screen will let you know how long till your next refill is available.  

If you don’t have a Disney Dining Plan, you will need to decide how many days you would like to activate your drink mug for.

$8.99    1 day

$11.99   2 days

$14.99   3 days

$17.99   Length of Stay

Regular Paper Cups are still available and these are also “programmed” with RFID chips. With the paper cup option,  you are currently allowed 3 refills within an hour. Once you have enjoyed either 3 refills or one hour has passed,  your paper cup is no longer available for beverages.  If you have stayed at a Disney resort prior to August of 2013, you will not be able to use your previous resort mugs.

For those guests who are on a Dining Plan and using a counter service credit for their meal at the resort, you will still get a bottled drink with your meal.  Our advice:  Grab a bottle of water to take with you to the park later in the day or take an orange juice/milk to have with a quick grab-n-go breakfast the next morning.  This will allow you to save those snack credits for a Mickey ice cream bar or a Dole Whip later in your trip!

Whether you like starting your day off with a cup of coffee or enjoying a fountain drink poolside, the Rapid Refill Mug is a “must” for a stay at a Disney Resort, but is a fantastic PERK of being on the Disney Dining Plan!

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