“My kids are too old for Disney!”

balloon inside a balloon

Hearing this uttered from the mouth of a fellow mom really surprised me…..and then I heard it again from another mom. What age is “too old?”

There seems to be a misconception about what the “appropriate” age is to enjoy Disney. These parents didn’t take their children on a Disney vacation when they were toddlers, so now they feel they’ve lost their window of opportunity. What they don’t understand is that Walt Disney imagined a place where the entire family, young and old, could be submersed in a magical world where amazing memories would be created.

Taking a trip to Walt Disney World or the Disneyland Resort?

Your toddler will love the parades, the music, the characters (perhaps only from afar) and the rides. Disney makes sure to devote entire areas to smaller children and to children at heart, but as our children grow, so does the Disney experience.

At age 5, your daughter will step out of her vehicle at Autopia believing she truly is the best 6-year-old driver … ever!

At 7, your son may bravely experience his first thrill ride without Mom or Dad.

At 10, you may watch your daughter and her friends spin themselves dizzy in the Tea Cups, heads thrown back and giggling the whole time.

At 12, they are eyeing the Tower of Terror wondering …”Am I ready?”

I challenge you to find a boatload of junior high and high school kids who are NOT Yo-Ho’ing all the way through Pirates of the Caribbean and loving every minute of it!

And it’s not just for our kids!

My grandmother loved going to Disneyland with me when I was growing up. She enjoyed the more leisurely things – riding on Mark Twain’s Riverboat, sitting back in a rocking chair on Main Street U.S.A. and watching the parade go by, and talking with the arborists about how they trim their topiaries and keep the gardens so lovely.

As a mother, I have relived all my favorite Disney moments through the eyes of my children. I watch their expressions closely, excited to see what excites them. I spin the Tea Cup as fast as I possibly can as they shriek with delight. We stop for our obligatory Tigger Tail, taking it home if the day’s other nibbles have left us too full for our favorite treat, and we always, always get that Mickey balloon-within-a-balloon that was my own favorite way to end a day at Disney when I was their age.

I will never grow tired of Disney, and I hope my kids never do, either. I will continue to enjoy my Disney vacations with my family until I can no longer physically get there, and even then it would be pretty hard to keep me away!

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