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 Disney has always been about making magical memories.   Those moments, no matter how old you are, make you reflect and smile.  This is what happens for me every time I think of Mouse Ears!!!  Walt Disney World has been a place for celebrations and milestones for my family.  Each symbolized by my collection of mouse ears.creighton mouse ears
Each pair of Mouse Ears that I have were purchased are one of my other favorite hidden
treasures,  The Chapeau, on Main Street U.S.A. at Walt Disney World.  “Chapeau” is French for hat or covering your head.  My first set of ears (which I have placed in a “safe spot” in my house.  And as any parent knows, it is so safe that I haven’t been able to find them in time for this blog article) were given to me by my parents to celebrate our first trip to Walt Disney World sometime in the late 70’s.    They are the classic Mickey ears with “Tressa” in gold stitching on the back.  I returned back to The Chapeau in 1996 on my honeymoon.  To celebrate this great, new adventure as a married couple, “wedding ears” were added to my collection.  When we returned to Walt Disney World in 2006 to bring our sons to the Magic Kingdom for the first time, we returned to The Chapeau to start the tradition for our boys and purchased their ears with their names stitched on back, as well as my Mickey “MOM” Ears.  We’ve returned a couple more times and our other children have received their Mouse Ears.  For our family, this is a right of passage for visiting Walt Disney World.  cashton mouse ears
Mouse Ears can be purchased throughout the parks at Walt Disney World, but our favorite is The Chapeau on Main Street U.S.A.  Guests can shop in this vintage Victorian looking hat shop and if they choose,  watch as their ears are embroidered with their name or other special moment being honored.  At the Chapeau, you can have any name embroidered on any Mickey (or Minnie) Ears you buy!  There is a choice of three different fonts…. traditional ($3.00 a name), while Script and Fun Fonts are both $7.00 a name.  If you’re worried about keeping track of your ears, they will gladly hold your ears at the store for you to return for them mouse ears
This year, Disney has announced 2013 as the “Year of the Ear”!  Each month, Disney will introduce special Mouse Ears and Ear headbands for fans to add to their Mouse Ear collections.  January kicked off the “Year of the Ear” with 5 new Couture Ear Hats.  When visiting Walt Disney World, be sure to take time to stroll down Main Street U.S.A. and don’t forget a stop in at The Chapeau to see the collection of Mouse Ears, hats,  baseball caps and trinkets that make memorable souvenirs.

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