Going to Disney… ALONE!

Experiencing Disney On Your Own!

Go to Disney…..ALONE?!? Certainly this is something you have never considered, right? We all love Disney, but when we think of a Disney vacation, doesn’t it always involve memories with your friends and family sharing in that special Disney magic?

I recently found myself at Disney World with an extra day to do as I please after the rest of my group caught their flights home. What to do? Mind you – I am not the sort of person who enjoys eating out alone or going to a movie solo. I enjoy company. Sure, I could sit around the pool at the resort and wait until my Magical Express pick-up. So what did I do? I went for one last day in a park, and I had one of the best Disney experiences ever! (100+ trips and counting!)

While there are fabulous attractions at Hollywood Studios, it is a park I always considered a half-day park. Perhaps I was missing something? Off I went!

I chose to do things I didn’t normally do when visiting with my family.

  • I took a walk! I walked down alleyways I usually passed by. There are a lot of hidden shops, scenes and little details that I had overlooked before.nancy_pic
    • I spoke with Cast Members! I was approached for a quick survey and turned right back around and asked my own questions. “What is your favorite activity in the park that you think is overlooked by most guests?” Some of them had a favorite snack spot. Others had a favorite character they loved to watch. One passionately discussed “One Man’s Dream” which is an attraction about Walt and his dream that I had never entered. I headed straight for it!  Cast Members are always helpful, and they are always happy to share their own favorites and personal experiences in the parks and resorts. Don’t be afraid to ask them!
    • I chose a couple attractions that were highlights for me – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (which I’d never been able to get my kids on) and Tower of Terror (because I couldn’t wait to see the photos and new video included with Memory Maker). You’d be surprised how many people you meet and chat with in line when you are riding alone!
    • I …*gasp*… ate ALONE! I had a fabulous lunch at the Brown Derby, and I’m sure I got more attention from the super-friendly and very chatty server because I was on my own.
    • I got to go to the Animator’s Academy for a drawing class TWICE simply because I wanted to!
    • I stopped at every Disney photographer and got a photo … of just me! Yes, one photographer looked around as if to ask where the rest of my group was. I just had fun with it! This day was about ME!

I was on no one else’s schedule. I could wander around the park as briskly or leisurely as I wanted, and saw and did whatever I felt like. I simply had a wonderful day (and fell in love with a park I had once overlooked), and it was all because I was flying solo!

I urge you – if the opportunity ever arises for you to visit Disney and none of your friends or family can join you, don’t let that stop you! Go! Explore! Don’t be shy, and see how many new experiences you discover!

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