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I’m so happy to say that healthy eating at Disney World is absolutely possible for all ages!  Disney is accommodating for all dietary needs AND healthy diets have not been overlooked by their amazing chefs.

Disney first accommodates healthy eating by offering an abundance of fresh foods. In fact, Disney World grows many of the fruits and vegetables served on their premises, so what you eat is as fresh as fresh can be!  Not only will you be giving yourself a healthy option, you’ll be giving yourself the fuel that you need to really enjoy your day in the parks. Fresh fruits are particularly enjoyable as a midday snack and can be found all around the parks and resorts.

Sometimes eating healthy at Disney World simply requires asking. Talk to your server about substitutions in your meal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well your requests can be accommodated. Egg whites for your breakfast, veggies instead of fries, sauces and dressings on the side, the list is never-ending on what you can substitute in a meal.

Quick service restaurants also serve great healthy options for guests. You’ll find an abundance of salads, wraps, soups, and grilled delights to please all palates for any on-the-go meal.

Be sure you don’t overindulge when you eat. Portion sizes at Disney World can be very large but don’t feel you need to finish it all. When possible, share a meal with another family member.  Despite the fact that everything at a buffet will seem irresistible, only take what you can comfortably finish.

For children, Disney has started their Mickey Check program for kids. Meeting specific nutritional guidelines, Disney World puts a check beside any children’s meal that ensures they will be getting a balance diet. Baby carrots that have been Mickey approved tend to be gobbled up by many who wouldn’t touch them when at home!

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a vacation without an occasion splurge for dessert but Disney World even offers desserts that are healthier options. How about a smoothie, yogurt, fruit cup or even a Dole Whip?

If all else fails, be sure to partake of a meal at Prime Time Café in Hollywood Studios. One of the long standing rules at this fun-loving restaurant is to always eat your vegetables. Trust me – you don’t want to be caught leaving any on your plate or you’ll never hear the end of it!

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