4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and a themed retail, dining and entertainment center called Disney Springs provides endless choices for you to spend your vacation.  It is very easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options.  Guests want to make certain they maximize their time and have the opportunity to enjoy everything on their wish list!  I have often heard guests say they need a vacation from their vacation!

When you plan a vacation, most are intending to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work and routine.  However, we often forget the rest and relaxation part of vacation when visiting Walt Disney World.  There are many options for fun and unique activities to bring the R & R back to your vacation.

  • Spa services: Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing manicure, pedicure, facial or a massage?  Spa services can be scheduled at Saratoga Springs Resort and the Grand Floridian Resort
  • Horseback riding or Horse Drawn Carriage Rides at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort
  • Watersports – Sammy Duvall’s Watersport Centre is located at the Contemporary resort.   You can choose from personal watercraft, tubing, water skiing or wakeboarding.  Parasailing is also available as an individual or tandem.  This will provide an amazing birds eye view of the Disney property.
  • Disney’s Waterparks – Blizzard Beach and Typhoon lagoon both have unique themes and waterslides as well as a relaxing sandy beach area.
  • Golf – There are 3 outstanding champion courses and a par 36 walking course located on property.  Forgot your clubs?  Not to worry, you can rent clubs at the course!  Don’t forget, there are 2 miniature golf courses available: Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland
  • Resort Pool – with 25 uniquely themed resorts, each resort offers multiple pools.  Although pool hopping is allowed at select resorts, there are black out dates as well as certain resorts that restrict the use to resort guests only.
  • Shopping – Each resort and theme park have multiple shopping locations.  Disney Springs offers several locations where you can find Disney souvenirs and home goods, but it also has multiple widely known retail locations.  Don’t forget while you are shopping to enjoy the vast dining/dessert options or even have a glass of wine at Starbucks!
  • Enjoy the music – There are often musicians performing throughout Disney Springs, the House of Blues, Piano Bob at Port Orleans Riverside, or my most favorite….Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar  at the Boardwalk Resort
  • Movie – You can watch the latest movie release at the AMC dine in movie Theatre at Disney Springs!  A movie theater and restaurant all wrapped in to one!! Many of the resorts offer outdoor evening movies.  Check with your individual resort.
  • Bowling – Splitsville at Disney Springs offers both bowling and an expansive menu!  From traditional snack food (nachos, cheese fries) to more eclectic(sushi) and everything in between!

Take a day during your vacation to sleep in, take a nap, or simply take a relaxing stroll throughout your resort!

Your Travel Specialist is here to help you plan your own downtime day!

Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist



Hurricane Irma was reported as devastating, unprecedented, and catastrophic as it moved closer and closer to Florida. Me and The Mouse travel specialists were incredibly busy assisting their clients in adjusting their travel plans. As a life long Midwestern family, newly Floridians, this was our first hurricane. We gathered supplies (flashlights, batteries, water, non-perishable snacks) and placed all exterior items into the garage so that they wouldn’t become a hazard. Steel shutters were placed over every window in the house. It was all a bit unsettling. The storm continued to shift west and with less than 24 hours before impacting us it was predicted to be a category 4 (winds ranging from 131-155 mph), as it passed over our community.


As I have shared before, my oldest son is living with Fragile X Syndrome. We anticipated the storm would be very intense, we would lose power and maybe even water. We realized as the day progressed that this storm was going to be more intense than perhaps he or we were ready for. My husband and I decided it was time to leave for a safer location. Although availability was very limited, the amazing Cast Members at the reservation center and guest services went above and beyond to help us.

We quickly packed our belongings and headed east to Caribbean Beach Resort. Gas stations, grocery/convenience stores, and restaurants were already closed in anticipation of the storm. Upon arrival, we quickly checked in, settled into our room, and realized we had made the right decision to evacuate.


Although the parks were closed due to the pending storm, there were many reports on social media from guests at various resorts of the activities that Cast members put together to help keep everyone entertained. Even the pools remained open that morning! Updates were frequently sent via in room voicemail and channel 3. Food service and housekeeping was limited and suggestions were made to stock up on water and snacks. A curfew was imposed for safety and housekeeping services would be unavailable. Disney movies were playing continually on tv and would continue to play even if cable was disrupted, a much appreciated distraction.

We weathered the storm, in fact, we slept through the most intense portion of the storm. We never lost power, nor wi-fi, and felt safe. Once the storm had passed, the curfew remained in effect to allow the damage to be surveyed to ensure it was safe for us to leave the room. Food service didn’t resume until 1 pm at our resort, but had begun earlier for other resorts. Character meet and greets were occurring to help pass the time while guests waited for food.


Cast members exemplified incredible spirit, impeccable service, and always putting the needs of the guests first! We were safe and fortunate we didn’t suffer the devastation that many continue to deal with. Although, I am appreciative of this experience, my hope is this was a once in a lifetime experience!

Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist


Even though my husband and I have visited WDW dozens of times, he had NEVER had the privilege of enjoying MNSSHP!!! We remedied that by attending OPENING NIGHT 2017!!!

We arrived about 3:30pm and there were already party guests lined up to enter. Although the MNSSHP starts at 7pm, guests can enter the park as early as 4pm with their party tickets! We were able to enter using our annual pass, but later we checked in with a cast member in Tommorowland and receive our party bracelet, guide map and trick or treat bag! As we entered Magic Kingdom, the decorations put you in the Halloween spirit and many guests were dressed in their party bests! Make sure to read the costume rules here when you are planning:
(https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/parks/dress/). Our first stop, the confectionary on Main Street to discover the Halloween themed treats. There were delicious cupcakes, cookies and rice cereal treats, but the pumpkin Mickey cake pop was our choice!! There were many special treats that were available during the party ONLY! Don’t worry if you have allergy concerns, they offer allergy friendly options too!

Capture 3

When the party officially began, access to attractions were only allowed for guests with party wristbands. Cast members were dressed in Halloween themed attire. The treat locations were open and the lines were lengthy. We made the decision to walk back to Fantasyland to view the exclusive merchandise and pins that were being offered. I saw Daisy and Donald duck and Minnie in her Halloween costume and I had to get my photo with them. There are endless character meet-n- greet opportunities throughout Magic Kingdom, including meeting all 7 Dwarfs!!! The wait for the Dwarfs or Jack Skellington was averaging 3 hours!!!

The Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular was about to begin on the stage in front of the Castle. We chose to watch a later performance and decided to visit some of the treat locations while other party guests were lining up for the first performance of the Boo to You parade (9:15pm)! We did enjoy the Monstrous Scream-O- Ween Ball at the Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland. Who doesn’t love dancing with Mike, Sulley and Boo?!!??

Capture 2

We then headed over to the Main Street area to view the Happy Hallowishes Fireworks Spectacular! The projections on the castle, along with the fireworks and music make this a not-to- miss item for this party! Many guests leave after the fireworks, which allows for more availability for great viewing spots for the 11:15pm parade! It began to rain and the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular was cancelled, but we were awaiting the parade. We had an excellent view of the parade. The parade music gets in your head and I am still singing it! The character interaction was one of the best I have ever experienced in a parade!

My top 5 not to miss activities at the MNSSHP are

1. Character Meet-n- greet
2. Boo to You Parade(11:15 pm)
3. Hallowishes Fireworks Spectacular
4. The Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular show
5. Treats(specialty desserts, popcorn in a mickey pumpkin refillable container
and trick or treating candy)


Your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist is ready to help you plan your immersion into the Halloween Spirit!

Missy Zolecki
Travel Specialist


Nothing screams summer more than a S’more. Mmmm!! The Ganachery at Disney Springs has added this as a seasonal offering to their menu, and friends, it’s to-die-for! I highly recommend you taking a short trip to Disney Springs and giving this sweet treat a try!

Let’s Get Started!

The magic begins once you order the dessert at the front counter. You take a laminated card over to the window to the kitchen area. The construction begins with a homemade soft graham bottom with a subtle hint of cinnamon. {I know, it’s off to a great start!} The next layer includes 2 of my favorite sweet treats, chocolate and caramel!!  A generous layer of their very own caramel chocolate ganache.  YUM!! As with any other traditional S’mores the next layer is marshmallow.  If you have never had a homemade marshmallow you are missing out.  The chef shared with me that they make them daily and often they must make them multiple times per day for this specific dessert! In fact, the first time I attempted to try this dessert, they were sold out because they were awaiting the next batch of marshmallow to set!  A traditional s’more roasts the marshmallow over a flame,  but that would be very difficult to pull off in their kitchen. Instead they have a hand held flame torch that the chef utilizes until the marshmallow square, which is almost as big as the graham square, is golden brown and extra gooey!

1. Prepping the Marshmallow

S'more Disney Style! - The Ganachery


Then a thin sheet of chocolate is placed upon the warm marshmallow.  Again, the chef applies the handheld torch to melt the chocolate.

2. Adding the Chocolate

S'more Disney Style! - The Ganachery


Then the top graham is applied!  The final touch is yet to be applied!  The chef placed the s’more in a paper container and then she pulled out a Mickey silhouette stencil! Of course, nothing is complete without Mickey Ears! The metal stencil was placed on the top graham layer and a generous helping of confectioners sugar was applied!

3. Finishing Touch

S'more Disney Style! - The Ganachery


The process of making the s’more took a little less than 3 minutes and was worth every mouth watering second!! Now it was time for eating!!!  The graham layers were soft and light and easy to bite through!  The ganache as well as the top layer of chocolate was nicely melted and gooey.  The combination of all of these amazing layers was brilliantly constructed and complimented each other.


I have yet to meet a dessert that I think is too sweet.  I did somehow end up with the confectioners sugar on my shirt, but honestly I didn’t even notice because I was very involved in savoring every bite!  I also had multiple other guests inquire what I was eating!  This indulgent dessert costs $8.  In my opinion, it was worth EVERY penny! It was an incredible treat. I can honestly say, I have thought about this dessert at least once per day since I first enjoyed it and cannot wait to get back for another!  Make sure to stop in the Ganachery on your next trip, it will not disappoint!!! 


Eager to plan your next trip to Disney to try this delightful treat? Contact a Me and the Mouse agent today. All of our travel specialists are highly trained in both Disney and Universal vacations! We look forward to helping you plan your next vacation and finding some amazing sweet treats!!

Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist

A strategy for successfully navigating your next vacation!

Uncle "Tim" EffectOver the past several months, I have written many blogs about different strategies that my family has utilized to help make our visits to Walt Disney World successful {You can read those here & here!}. My oldest son, Matt, is living with Fragile X Syndrome. It is the leading cause of inherited mental impairment and leading known genetic cause of Autism.  My son often struggles with becoming overwhelmed by even preferred activities, and this can lead to less than desirable behaviors.  We have used many strategies as I have discussed in previous blogs.  This blog is focused on our most successful strategy.  We affectionately call it “The Uncle Tim effect”!

Over the years, we noticed a marked difference in my son. When we would have someone else visiting the parks with use, he would have a better ability to manage his environment and to keep the undesirable behaviors under control.  We have been very fortunate over the years to experience the parks with a wide variety of friends and family.  Our expectations are realistic {you can read about that, here}. W
e are continually aware and mindful that Matt may be reaching his limit and in need of a break.  

Uncle Tim Saves the Day

When Uncle Tim is with us, things are different. Uncle "Tim" EffectWhen a preferred person is with us, Matt is incredibly motivated to be a part of the experiences much longer.  For example, when we visit with my immediate family only we know 3-4 attractions/hours are his limit before he needs a break, a meal, a bus ride, or we have to pull out the ultimate reward, a ride on the monorail.  Although, Matt may not want to participate/ride all the attractions that others may prefer, when we have Uncle Tim with us he patiently waits.  On our most recent day trip, we visited two parks over nearly 11 hours!!!!  No undesirable behaviors, no extra breaks and not even one ride on the monorail!  

A vacation to a Disney destination, Universal or Disney Cruise Line is not inexpensive.  There is no value you can put on the experience, in my opinion.  The memories, the excitement, the wonder and awe we experience together as a family will be with us for the rest of our lives.  Bringing a support person(s) with you will only enhance your experience and well worth the additional investment.  This concept is not exclusive to families who have special needs and can be beneficial to a wide variety of visitors and families.  

Uncle "Tim" Effect

So maybe you don’t have an actual Uncle Tim in your life! However, I’m sure you have a family friend, a preferred peer, or even an Uncle Tom! They would love to accompany you on your next trip. It would be an honor to be asked to be the support person for your family. They would know they were making a difference in your family’s next vacation experience!  

I look forward to helping you plan your most successful strategy for your next vacation. I know my family has been able to experience more because of the careful time that has gone into planning each of our vacations.


Ready to plan your next Disney Destination Vacation? Contact a Me and The Mouse agent, today!


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist


I recently announced that my family is going through a MAJOR change.  We are moving to Florida! We are still in the transition process, but we recently had the opportunity to experience our first Zolecki family day trip!!  We are fortunate to have family living in the area we are moving to, and they are just as crazy about Disney as we are!!!

Florida Resident Day Trip

Until recently, the thought of only going to Disney for the day was hard to even imagine.  For the last 20 years, I have always been planning my next trip.  Where do we want to stay?  What restaurant reservations do we want?  What fastpasses do we want to get?  To ensure we obtain our desired itinerary, I would be planning months in advance, just as I do for my clients!  However, now I am a Florida resident.  I can hop in my car and be at a Disney park in a little over an hour!  What about the planning?  What I am quickly learning, the atmosphere of simply being at the park is what I most enjoy!  The attractions are simply icing on the cake!


I have the opportunity to slow down, enjoy the atmosphere and really experience the little details.  I am not in a rush to experience every ride and attraction.  If I miss it this time, I know I will be back very soon and will be able to enjoy that attraction the next time (read more about this, here!).  As far as dining at our favorite locations, I began checking a couple of days prior to our planned trip and wouldn’t you know it, there was a reservation that opened up!  If not, perhaps this would be a great opportunity to try out something new that does have availability.

Florida Resident Day Trip

Our first family day trip was a huge success.  We obtained fastpasses the night before. As we were driving onto Disney property the same excitement and awe filled our car as if this was our very first trip!  We enjoyed multiple attractions throughout Magic Kingdom.  Not to mention riding the Walt Disney Railroad all the way around the park in the afternoon when we all were ready for a little break!  In our family, even a ride on the monorail is a must and we accomplished that twice!!!

I will admit, it did feel a bit odd to leave the park and head back home instead of a Disney resort. 

How will this affect me as a Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist?  I believe it will only enhance my ability to serve you!  I have the experience of long term planning , but now I have the experience of spontaneous short trips and the ability to experiencing the newest additions first hand!!  Incorporating my passion and interests is what dream jobs are made of!  I am here to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you enjoy your piece of the magic!

If you’re a Florida resident and are looking to make a short day trip, contact a Me and The Mouse agent today! We would love to help make your 1st trip or 111th trip as magical as possible!


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist

Do you have a character that you or your family MUST meet and get a picture with?  They are not always easy to locate.  Your My Disney Experience(MDE) App will make your search much easier!!! Grab your phone and open your app and follow along! P.S. Your life is about to be changed!

How to Find Your Favorite Characters:

  1. Select the character icon at the top of the app. It will open the map. {FYI: If the park is closed and you select a park, it will tell you the characters are all sleeping!}

    Step 1
    Step 1


  1. Select the locator icon in the bottom right corner.

    Step 2
    Step 2


  1. Select which park you are looking to locate.

    Step 3
    Step 3


  1. If you select the icon on the bottom right it will list the characters available for a meet and greet

    Step 4
    Step 4


  1. OR… You can look at the map, which shows how many characters are available at each park. Select the park you are in or plan on going to. You will see the icons throughout the park that indicate there is a scheduled character meet and greet.  Select the icon and it will tell you exactly which character is in that location.

    Step 5
    Step 5


  1. Once you select a character you have the option to get directions to their location! {This is a major time and stress saver!}

    Step 6
    Step 6


  1. You have the option to type in your location or enable location services and the app will locate you!!! Then it will provide directions to the character.

    Step 7
    Step 7


  1. You can also select the icon on the bottom right and it will pull up an alphabetical list of the possible characters!

    Step 8
    Step 8


  1. Here is the alphabetical list of characters.  You can also select the icon on the bottom right and it go back to locating the characters on the previous picture.  Your other option is to click on the particular character.

    Step 9
    Step 9


  1. Tarzan is one of our favorites and not always easy to find. Now we would know where and when we could meet him!!

    Step 10
    Step 10


Next time you are looking for your favorite character, now you know how to locate them efficiently!!  If you’re needing help using Your My Disney Experience(MDE) App or in need of de-stressing your vacation planning contact a Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist. We’d love to take all the worries and the stress away for you to enjoy your magical vacation!


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist




Tackle Sensory Overload at DisneyLast month, I discussed tips on how to prepare and items to bring to hopefully avoid sensory overload. {You can read about it, here!} As a mom of a son living with Fragile X Syndrome, the leading cause of inherited intellectual impairment and leading known genetic cause of Autism, I feel as if I am always anticipating what could be a potential trigger for overload.  Sometimes, even the best-laid plans don’t work out.  A storm can pop up, a ride can have a temporary closure, or fireworks can suddenly go off from a show that you didn’t even realize was taking place!! I have put together a list of tips/suggestions for managing overload once it has reached near overflow!


  1. Baby Care/First Aid Station:

    Although you do not “need” any aid, this is often an area with air conditioning, seating and simply a quiet place out of the hustle and bustle.

    Tackle Sensory Overload at Disney

  2. Snack/Meal/Treat Break: 

    There are endless options. Look for an air conditioned location and often you can find a quiet corner, out of the way, to decompress.  Ask a cast member for suggestions if you don’t readily see a quiet place.

  3. Park Specific Options:

    This is not a comprehensive list, but giving you some options and ideas:

Magic Kingdom – Railroad (we often ride it around, sometimes more than once when overload is peeking), TTA- People Mover, Garden Area behind the Ye Old Christmas Shop

Epcot – The Land (Ride and Sunshine Seasons), Friendship Boats in the World Showcase, Garden Area in France, Fountain Area Outside of the Pixar Shorts Attraction

Animal Kingdom – The Safari (There is some talking and stopping, but a great place to decompress.), Restaurantosaurus has many quiet corners to cool off and relax

Hollywood Studios – Frozen Sing Along (Yes, there is music and singing, but it is cool and the music is familiar.), Benches Outside the Hollywood Brown Derby (Extra Bit: There are restrooms nearby too!)  ABC Commissary/Backlot Express

Tackle Sensory Overload at Disney

  1. Transportation:

    For my family, leaving the park before the dreaded meltdown occurs is essential. Riding the monorail or bus provides a slow rhythmic option to help decrease the overload.  I am ashamed to admit how many times I have gotten sleepy on the trip back to the resort!  There are also boat options to select resorts from all parks except Animal Kingdom.

  2. Resort Pool:

    Even a quick trip to the pool can be beneficial! This is one of our best strategies for managing sensory overload.

  3. Nap/Sleeping in:

    We all want to maximize our time when visiting a Disney destination. Detouring from the schedule to rest may be just the right thing to do! Fatigue makes it even harder to manage sensory overload.
    Tackle Sensory Overload at Disney

  4. Cast members:

    If you are in need of assistance, difficulty finding a quiet place or you fear you are nearing the brink of overload, ask for help!


I am mindful about sensory needs/overload and am happy to help you plan your next trip to a Disney Destination with your needs in mind! Visit our Contact Page to speak with one of our amazing and talented agents!


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist

It wasn’t until my oldest son, who is living with Fragile X, was almost 3 that I began to have a greater understanding of his sensory integration challenges.  Fragile X is the leading cause of inherited intellectual impairment and the leading known genetic cause of Autism. I was attending an education workshop, and I participated in an exercise that helped me understand what someone with Fragile X/Sensory integration challenges experiences. I began to view the world with a different perspective. Sensory Overload

On our next trip to Walt Disney World, It was as if I was experiencing it for the first time.  Guests are immersed in their experience even before entering the gates.  Our senses are constantly bombarded.  As my son grew older, it was clear that the sensory input, at times, was too much.  If we wanted to continue to enjoy traveling to Disney destinations, we needed to come up with a plan.

Over the years, we have used many strategies to lessen the sensory bombardment. Trial and error is worth the effort and can lead to developing a great plan.  Try to utilize strategies that are used at home/school/work and modify them for use while on vacation too! Here are a few of the strategies that we have used over the years.

  1. Social Story:
    Search the Internet for examples or reach out to your speech therapist to help develop one for your upcoming trip.
  2. Videos:
    There are many options available.  Disney Park’s has a wide variety of video’s to help those of us who are visual learners! Check out Disney Parks’ YouTube Channel, here!

  3. Review Disney resources throughout the planning process:
    Check out the WDW Cognitive Guide, here!

  4. Visual schedule:
    Search for “images” of Disney destination attractions/dining/parks/transportation. Many digital applications allow you to add photos to create the schedule on the go.  Prior to having a digital device, I pasted those images into a word document, printed them out, laminated and then placed Velcro on the back.
  5. Noise cancelling headphones/ear phones.
    This allows your child to either eliminate overwhelming sounds or decrease the level of auditory input.
  6. Biting options:
    If your family member tends to bite on items, chew on gum, or has a preferred snack, bring those items with you. Gum is not sold on property.  If your family member has brand specific preferences, I suggest bringing your own snacks.
  7. Downtime/waiting activities:
    Bring some preferred activities to help pass the time: pictures (of preferred people works for us), digital devices (wifi is available for FREE), card games, travel size versions of games (magnetic options), coloring book/crayonsSensory Overload
  8. Back pack.
    Utilizing a back pack (moderately weighted works best for us) helps to provide the needed sensory input that helps your family member combat the overwhelming input. It is also a great place to keep all your items above.


The key is to integrate a familiar strategy with new options and modifications, and your next trip will be a success!!!


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist

For families like mine, the Disability Assistance Service has allowed us to navigate and enjoy the many attractions and characters throughout Walt Disney World.  My oldest son was diagnosed at birth with Fragile X Syndrome, the leading cause of inherited intellectual disability and the leading known genetic cause of autism.  Although he enjoys all that Walt Disney World has to offer, it can quickly overwhelm him.  My family is incredibly appreciative of this service.  I have compiled a list of what are the most frequent questions {and answers} that I have received while assisting guests in planning for their vacations.

Disability Assistance

What is the Disability Assistance Service (DAS)?

A service for guests with a disability to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current standby wait for the given attraction.


Where do I obtain the DAS?

You may visit Guest Services at Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios or City Hall in Magic Kingdom the first day.  The Cast member will ask you several questions to make certain you are receiving the most appropriate assistance based on your/family members needs.  They will also provide you with information and answer any questions you may have.


Do I need to stop into Guest Services every day?

No, the Cast member will ask you how long you will be visiting Walt Disney World and the DAS will be active the entire stay (up to 14 days). Disability Assistance


Do I need documentation of a disability?

Due to HIPAA regulations, the Cast Member will not read any physician letter or medical documents.  They will ask you several questions as well as take a picture of the Guest with a disability.


How many guests can be included?

Up to 11 additional guests can be included.  All guests must be present when obtaining the DAS.


What if we have family that will only be spending part of the trip with us?

If they were not present when you obtained the DAS and you have not exceeded the limit of 11 additional guests, go to Guest Services or City hall and speak with a Cast member.  Every guest, including your original party, must be present when increasing the number of guests eligible to utilize the DAS.  They will need to have their magic bands or park tickets scanned.


How is a return time obtained?

Any member of your party who is included in the DAS party can approach the selected attraction to be assigned a return time.  The return time will be approximately 10 minutes less than the current standby time.  Only guests currently inside the selected park can be included in the return time.  **Ask the Cast Member if they could make your first return time when obtaining the DAS the first day.


Our return time is here, now what?

Approach the attraction fast pass line entrance.  The person who was assigned the DAS needs to scan their ticket/magic band first to activate the entitlement for the entire party.  Then the rest of the party will scan their magic band/tickets just as they would for any fastpass entitlement.


Can I use the Fastpass system AND the DAS?

Yes!  You can add a DAS return time concurrently with your previously scheduled Fastpasses.  Please note on the picture the Disability Access Return Time has a bold green banner above it to allow the guest to recognize the difference between other fastpass entitlements or dining reservation times.

Can I schedule more than one DAS return time?

No.  You are not able to schedule another return time until your current entitlement is used or cancelled.


Disability Assistance

When does the DAS return time have to be used?

Anytime from the designated return time until the park closes.  All unused return times will expire at park close.

Can my family member stay in their stroller/wheelchair?

Waiting queues accommodate wheelchair/strollers.  Some attractions require the ability to transfer. Discuss the specific attraction requirements with a cast member.


**Guests whose disability is based on the necessity of using a wheelchair/scooter are not eligible for a DAS.  Guests with additional needs should discuss them with Guest Services/City Hall.


What if I am still unsure how to use the DAS?

Please see a Cast Member at the selected attraction.  They will be happy to answer your questions. Disney also offers both an email and phone number to ask additional questions.
Contact: Disability.services@disneyparks.com or (407) 560-2547.


Your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist is here to help! Contact your agent if you have any other questions.


Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist