71 Disney Memories in the Making!

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My first visit to Walt Disney World took place in 1976 at the age of three.   My family went on other vacations, but it was our Walt Disney World vacations that included some of my favorite childhood memories.  

When I got married, there was only one honeymoon destination for my husband and I… Walt Disney World.   And as we started a family, we couldn’t wait to take our son to get his first pair of Mouse Ears!

 As a child I began composing my wish list of “To Do’s” at Walt Disney World.   The list has continued to grow as I became a wife, a mother and as a travel specialist.  With countless number of vacations to Walt Disney World, I have been able to check off some of my Disney Wish List items while adding some as Walt Disney World continues to expand and re-imagine the parks.  

With this blog in mind, I began typing my list and have created My Disney 71, a bucket list of experiences and activities that I hope to check off as I visit, while making more memories with my family and friends.  

 As I continue to “check-off” items on my list, I will blog my experiences.  In the meantime, read over My Disney 71, you might get some ideas for your next trip to Walt Disney World.  Experiences in red have been completed.  All others are still on my list of “To Do’s”.  I look forward to updating this blog as well as hearing from you about your “must do’s” at Walt Disney World.


                                               Tressa’s Disney 71

(Why 71?  To honor Walt Disney World’s Grand Opening in 1971 of course)

 1.  Enjoy “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” one last time.

 2.  Eat an entire KITCHEN SINK with family and friends at Beaches and Cream.

 3.  Eat at Chef Mickey’s.

 4.  Take a Pirate’s and Pals Cruise to watch the fireworks from the Seven Seas Lagoon.

 5.  Ride Cinderella’s horse on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

 6.  Buy a Mickey balloon on Main Street U.S.A.

 7.  Take my boys to the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street.

 8.  Make a wish at Cinderella’s Wishing Well.

 9.  Taste a Doofenslurper.

 10.  Go to Gaston’s Tavern in the New Fantasyland.

 11.  Visit the Magic Kingdom with my siblings and their families.

 12.  Ride the Tea Cups with Alice and the White Rabbit.

 13.  Ride in the front row of the log on Splash Mountain.

 14.  Visit every Disney resort property.

 15.  Get my picture taken with Jiminy Cricket.

 16.  Eat a Dole Whip.

 17.  Attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Stay tuned for the remaining 54.

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