In all my years of traveling to Disney World, there has been one activity that I have not actively and openly participated in.  Character meet and greets have always been something that I experienced at dining locations only, but never went out of my way to find them in the parks.  My focus has always been on the rides and attractions.

So, what made my recent trip different for me?  Well, I asked my husband if we should bring autograph books this time (we hadn’t done so for the first 3 trips with my first son).  His response was a simple one.  He said, “if we don’t do it now, then there will come a day he won’t want to do it, so let’s do it before he doesn’t want to anymore and we miss out on those memories”.  You can’t argue with that logic, right?

With that, I bought autograph books and we proceeded to get 32 character signatures and pictures to enjoy throughout the trip.  It was great to see other characters than we would have normally met at the restaurants and the interaction with them was wonderful. 

All the character dining I have ever done has been with non-face characters.  This time, we met a lot of face characters and my fear of not knowing what to say to them to make small talk was instantly gone after our first meeting.  They were amazing!!  They held conversations with my 5 year old and my 2 year old sons and truly engaged them where I thought it would be awkward silence.  Although my son was not overly excited about meeting Disney princesses, afterward, he said he had a great time.

My favorite was Aladdin and my oldest son’s interaction.  My son JUST woke up from a nap after waiting in the hot sun in line for 45 minutes.  Needless to say, he is not the brightest of spirits after being awoke from any slumber.  When it was our turn, Aladdin tried to engage with him, but with no luck.  My son walked away with a scowl and crossed arms.  As my husband, 2 year old and I talked with Jasmine, Aladdin had a private conversation with my oldest who proceeded to tell him he did not want to meet any princesses.  Aladdin was as cool as ever.  He promised my son a “boys” pic only.  He got my two year old and him together for the picture and as as the photographer took the picture, Aladdin secretly motioned for Jasmine to get in the picture and sure enough we have BOTH of them in the picture.  Any parent with a cranky sleepy child knows that type of interaction is worth its weight in gold. 


I never doubted the ability or fun the Disney Characters would bring to my day, but I never made it “my thing” on our Disney trips.  Since this was a trip of trying new things for us, I was so happy to be pleasantly surprised on how much the character interactions added to my day and my memories.

There is one thing I would have changed to make the character meet and greets interactions a little better.  I would have made the advance purchase of the Memory Maker.  I am a mom that takes a lot of pictures with my own camera and so I never saw the added value to having the picture package (especially since in the past the character meet and greets were not on my list of must dos).  Mid-trip, I realized how much easier and less work the character meet and greets would have been had I not had to worry about having the autograph books ready, getting the camera ready, and ensuring I got every shot that I wanted…the memory maker would have let me fully enjoy the interaction from start to finish with no hassle in between….just pure smiles, conversation, and a couple of autographs. 

I am so happy I opened myself up to a new fun aspect of the Disney experience.  Meet and greets were definitely fun and I realize that they are NOT just for smaller kids and that they can really enhance your day overall!  So definitely consider adding this to your touring plan if you have not already done so and strongly consider the value that can come out of having the memory maker that will enhance your experience with the characters.  Remember, those memory maker photographers are not only at character meet and greets, but are throughout the park for you to take family photos to capture your memories! 

Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist

You have been looking forward to your first cruise. You have reviewed your packing list a dozen times, booked your airfare but you still are not sure what will happen on your first day of your cruise. This is a quick rundown of what to expect.


  • To make your boarding day easy, It’s important to do your online check-in prior to leaving home. Remember to get select your boarding time, print your documents and sign them.
  • To make a smooth arrival, it helps to have your luggage tags on your bags prior to arriving at the port. A porter will take your bags from you and the next time you will see them will be in your stateroom. However, your stateroom won’t be ready until about 1:30 PM, so it is important to keep any items with you that you may need prior to getting access to your stateroom, like bathing suits, medications, etc. The pools will be open when you get onboard.
  • The check-in process at the port is very quick and easy. The Cast Member will take your paperwork, your picture will be taken, and you will get your stateroom key. You will then get your boarding group #.
  • Try to grab a Navigator, which is the daily agenda that will let you know what is going on. You will have a chance to start planning your first night onboard while you are in the terminal waiting to board.
  • While in the terminal you will have an opportunity to have a picture taken with a character. The line may be long, so do not stress, you will have many more opportunities throughout your cruise.
  • You can also get your kids signed up for the kids clubs in the terminal while you wait to board. If the line is long, you will also have another opportunity to do this once onboard.
  • Once your boarding # is called, your vacation begins as you start the boarding process. Your family will be able to have your picture taken prior to getting on the ship.
  • As you step on the ship, the crew is there to announce your family name and greet you with a warm round of applause to welcome you onboard.
  • Since you were probably too excited to eat a big breakfast, you can now head up to Cabana’s for a buffet lunch and the start to your vacation.
  • Sometime around 4:00, you will be required to participate in the master drill, which takes about 30 minutes.
  • The ship is now ready to sail, so head up to the pool deck and join the characters and entertainment crew for the sail away party. It’s a festive way to kick off your vacation.

Have a wonderful vacation. Happy sailing!!!

Janene Jaroscak

Travel Specialist

IMG_1028You are ready to set sail on an amazing, unforgettable vacation onboard your Disney Cruise ship. What do I need to know about tipping onboard my Disney Cruise?

  • Gratuities for services given throughout your cruise, including your stateroom hosts and restaurant servers are customarily given at the end of your cruise       Standard Gratuity Suggestions (per person, per night)
          Restaurant Server $4.00
          Restaurant Assistant Server $3.00
          Head Server $1.00
          Stateroom Host(ess) $4.00
  • Gratuities for spa services, room service, etc. can be added to your stateroom bill as you sail.
  • Some Drinks have a gratuity automatically added – any drinks, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, you order from a bartender will automatically have a 15% gratuity added. In addition, if you order a smoothie, bottled water, or alcohol from your server at dinner, they will add gratuity.IMG_6271
  • Tipping your driver and tour guide on excursions is customary. Bring cash with you for your excursion operators and drivers. US dollars are accepted just fine in many foreign ports (particularly in the Caribbean), but you can obtain foreign currency to use for tips at Guest Services onboard when needed.
  • Dining at Palo or Remy? Your gratuity is already included in the price of the meal. However, you will find that the table service provided at these restaurants is terrific. Only a small part of your bill actually goes towards a tip to your server. You may want to consider tipping additionally.
  • We recommend pre-paying your gratuities to simplify the last minute details. You can pre-pay your gratuities for your party up to 3 days before your vacation begins. Just let you Me and The Mouse Travel specialist know that you would like to pre-pay your gratuities. Then, on the final night of your cruise, you will receive your grauity envelopes and your tickets showing your prepaid gratuities. Simply put your tickets into your envelopes and deliver them to your servers and stateroom host the last evening of your cruise to show your appreciation for their service.IMG_6234

If you choose not to pre-pay your gratuities, the standard gratuity amounts, based on the length of your cruise, will automatically be added to your onboard account. To make changes to the gratuity amounts or to pay cash, please stop by Guest Services onboard your Disney Cruise ship anytime during your sailing.

A memorable cruise, full of Disney Magic, awaits you onboard your Disney Cruise ship!IMG_6345

Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist to learn more about new and exciting cruise itineraries and let us help you prepare to set sail on a vacation of a lifetime

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist


Planning a trip to a Disney destination is VERY exciting. Many, including myself, have idealistic visions of walking into the Magic Kingdom, and strolling hand in hand along Main Street. Your senses are bombarded with wonderful music, amazing smells, and Cinderella’s beautiful castle is in your sight! The family photo is a “MUST DO” with the castle in the background! It sounds magical, but in my family not always realistic. My family is not typical, and that is our reality. My oldest son was born with Fragile X Syndrome, the leading cause of inherited intellectual disability and the leading known genetic cause of Autism. I also have 2 typically developing children. Obtaining what many may think is a “simple” task, typically involves significant planning, prompting and encouragement. We are pleased if we get a photo with all 5 of us looking at the photographer, and if we were all smiling, that would definitely exceed our expectation.

How many times in your life did you anticipate an event happening a certain way, but in reality that wasn’t what happened? Not even close to your vision? How did you handle that? Did you adjust your expectations? Were you disappointed or were you appreciative for the events that did occur?

As a parent of a special needs child, I have always had to be prepared, planning and anticipating the next step. In reality, anticipating the next 10 steps!! Great training for becoming a travel specialist!! Yet, even with the ultimate plan in place, there is a lot of unpredictability that can occur. A ride breaks down, as we approach the pool an unexpected storm pops up, or heaven forbid the monorail is not running!! Your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist is here to help you prepare, prioritize and develop realistic expectations.

Here are a few questions to start the discussion with your family and your MATM travel specialist!

What are your expectations and goals?

  1.  Are you an early riser or a night owl?
  2. What attractions, characters, and dining experiences are your priority?
  3. Are you interested in enjoying all experiences together?
  4. Is spending time at the resort pool, watching the night time outdoor movie, taking an afternoon nap, etc. part of your expectation?
  5. What would an alternative option be if despite all of your planning, your plan simply didn’t work out the way you anticipated? What is plan B?

In my family, we try to set realistic expectations. It is NOT realistic for us to be able to be at the park from open to close. Realistically for us, 3-4 attractions are my son’s limit before we provide a high interest “reward”. That can vary from a snack, a ride on the monorail/bus, or enjoying a meal. My other children are not always agreeable to leaving the park so soon. My son with fragile X can become overwhelmed by all of the sensory input of the park, yet he wants nothing more than to be there. Please note, I am sharing this because despite the hard work and challenges, we have many wonderful memories and have developed new eXpectations. We will frequently divide and conquer to allow our son to leave the park in a positive state of mind, while allowing our other children to experience more attractions. We will typically rejoin each other back at the hotel to allow for swimming or a nap, and then return to the parks late afternoon/early evening.

Success is a relative measure, and the simpler your goals, the greater your experience of success! Although my experiences/challenges are related to having my feet in both worlds (special needs and typical), setting realistic expectations and goals applies to everyone. This is not intended to be a blog about life lessons, but when we were told our son had a diagnosis, we had a choice. We could dwell in what we can’t do, or we could celebrate what we CAN do! We choose to celebrate and recognize our incredible privilege of being able to travel and enjoy the Disney Parks. Although we may enjoy the parks for shorter durations and strive to make sure we leave the park before a dreaded meltdown occurs, we have had the privilege of experiencing a lot of Disney Magic over the years. If we aren’t able to tolerate waiting in a long line for an attraction, or we don’t obtain a reservation at one of our favorite restaurants, we have a choice, feel the disappointment, or move that to the top of our list for a future trip. Do you know what that means? It means I am planning my next Disney trip before I even finish the trip I am on!!! YEAH!!!

Everyone sets expectations and goals, even when we don’t vocalize them. For my family, shared experiences and time spent together is our simple and ultimate goal. No matter what we “accomplish” during our vacation, our trip was a success because we have created memories to last a lifetime!

The Me and The Mouse Team is ready to help you plan for success!!!

Missy Zolecki
Travel Specialist 

IMG_0046On my family’s most recent trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we decided to revisit Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, which we had enjoyed a few years earlier. This adorable restaurant lived up to the memories we had made on our earlier trip to Hollywood Studios.

This charming little Italian restaurant is nestled on the back side of Hollywood Studios park near the Muppet 3D Vision attraction. When you enter the restaurant, guests immediately notice the lobby walls covered in black and white framed head shots of some of your favorite movie stars from yesterday and today.


The interior of Mama Melrose’s is reminiscent of a little family-owned Italian restaurant on the corner. The brick walls are covered with record albums of legendary Italian singers, while checked curtains cover the windows and stringed lights add to the cozy atmosphere.

IMG_6870House specialties include fresh mozzarella, penne alla vodka with chicken or shrimp, flatbreads, seasonal pastas, charred strip steak (my personal recommendation), and oak-fired mussels. Tiramisu and cannoli highlight the dessert menu. Your little ones will find many of their favorite dishes on the children’s menu including cheese pizza, chicken parmigiana, penne pasta and grilled fish. Kids will delight in finishing their meal at Mama Melrose’s with a Spaghetti & Meatball Cupcake, a chocolate cupcake with “Spaghetti” frosting and and a chocolate “Meatball” with strawberry “Marinara Sauce” and white chocolate “Cheese”.


Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano could be easily missed at Hollywood Studios; however, it should not be overlooked. Families will enjoy delicious Italian dishes along with the quiet, cozy atmosphere that Mama Melrose’s offers its guests.

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist

IMG_6491You will feel like you’ve traveled to the Pacific Northwest when you experience the warm, comforting feel of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. This Deluxe resort is nestled among the pine trees on the shore of Bay Lake. You’ll enjoy the close proximity to Magic Kingdom, which is just a short boat ride across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

This breathtaking resort features the rustic charm of the west, which youIMG_6495 immediately experience as you are welcomed into the lobby by four large tepee chandeliers hanging overhead and two 55-foot high totem poles. The magnificent 82-foot tall fireplace in the lobby is the perfect place to relax in a rocking chair and sit by the fire after a day in the parks. The Silver Creek Springs Pool, which is the main pool at Disney’s Wilderness Resort, recently underwent a refurbishment and now hosts a zero entry access to the pool The pool appears to be “spring fed” from the bubbling spring originating in the lobby. The Silver Creek Springs pool has a water-slide feature that cascades down a rock formation and empties out into the deeper end of the pool. Life jackets are available free of charge for our little swimmers, which allow these guests to enjoy the water-slide as well. There is also a hot tub for adults and a kids’ interactive water play area for guests 48 inches or smaller.

IMG_1117Disney’s Wilderness Lodge offers a variety of accommodations to suit your family’s needs. The rustic charm of the rooms is what appeals to most guests. Your family will enjoy wood-carved furniture and bedding with accents of woodland creatures. Each room has either a patio or balcony. Most rooms have 2 Queen-size beds and can accommodate up to 4 guests and an infant under the age of 3 years. Standard rooms, courtyard views, woods view, bunk-bed rooms, and Deluxe rooms (club level) are all available at this Deluxe Disney Resort. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is also home to the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, which is part of the Disney Vacation Club. While villas rooms are usually for DVC members, Disney also rents them out as hotel rooms.

Two table-service restaurants, Whispering Canyons and Artist Pointe, are located at the Wilderness Lodge. Whispering Canyons is a dining experience not to be missed and is well known for the crazy games and silly gags, Bottomless Milkshakes and Skillets. The “lively” servers, like “Rowdy Randy” and “Sweet Sue” will serve up delicious smoked brisket, barbecued chicken and tasty ribs while participating in a few crazy antics and good old-fashioned fun at each table. Be sure to ask for some ketchup while you are there!!!

Artiste Pointe is a Signature Dining experience that is two table-service credits on the Disney Dining plan. This upscale restaurant features Pacific Northwest cuisine, including specialties like Cedar Plank Chinook Salmon, Aged Buffalo Strip Loin and Grilled Filet Mignon. With over 90 carefully selected wines from the Pacific Coast, guests 21 years and older can enjoy a perfect wine pairing with their meal as well.

If you are looking for a unique, memorable resort with quick access to Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a perfect resort to call home on your next Walt Disney World vacation.IMG_1106

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist

IMG_1706The fun and whimsy of Mardi Gras is gently mixed in with charm of the cobblestone streets of New Orleans at Disney’s French Quarter Resort. This resort is the smallest of the moderate resorts on Disney property, which creates an intimate and unique experience that my family recently enjoyed for the first time.

Disney’s French Quarter is located along the banks of the Sassagoula River, offering boat transportation to Disney Springs as well as to its sister resort, Disney’s Riverside resort. The moderate resort rooms have two Queen beds and can accommodate up to 4 guests, plus an infant under the age of 3. There are only seven buildings on property and each is equal distance to the pool, food court and the one bus stop on property. Buildings are three-stories high, but an elevator is available for your use if needed.


Your family will enjoy spending time at the Doubloon Lagoon, where everyone can enjoy the sea serpent water slide and a water spouting alligator band. Life jackets are available free of charge for your little swimmers, who are allowed to enjoy the water slide while wearing their vest. A whimsical new aquatic play area, which features child-size water slides, water canons and fountains, recently opened up for the little travelers, who are 48 inches or less. Disney Kid Counselors host family games, like Disney trivia and water activities, poolside each day too.

Evening movies under the stars are offered on alternating nights between Disney’s French Quarter and Riverside resorts. The schedule of movies is available at check-in and is also posted at the resort. Our family enjoyed watching Big Hero 6 under the stars one evening. We were surprised to find free bags of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn and a towels available for our use while we settled on the grass for a beautiful night under the stars.

With four boys, my family has strong feelings about food and this food court ranks high on our list for variety and deliciousness. The food court at Port Orleans French Quarter is called “Sassagoula Float Works” and is open daily from 6:oo am until midnight. The food court is decorated with large Mardi Gras themed masks. The food court contains a variety of stations offering American-Creole cuisine ranging from burgers and pizza to sandwiches, wraps, and a variety of hot dishes including jambalaya, chicken and ribs. The bakery items are made fresh on site each day. Disney’s French Quarter is known for their beignets (fried dough covered with powdered sugar), which are included as a dessert on the Disney Dining Plan and/or a snack credit, The made-to-order ice cream sandwiches, which are made with 2 large freshly baked cookies and 3 scoops of ice cream, should not be missed as well. There is a ‘grab-n-go’ area containing pre-made sandwiches, snacks, drinks and desserts available too.

Disney’s French Quarter resort at times have been excluded from promotions and discounts. In my opinion, the quaint “streets” with wrought iron fences, delicious food court, and the fantastic themed pool, along with the small resort size, make choosing this as my Disney home for my vacation is a perfect start to a memorable, magical visit to Walt Disney World.


Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist

Disney World FamilyMy family just returned home from our very FIRST Disneyland vacation! Sleeping Beauty CastleBetween having been a cast member at Walt Disney World and family vacations I have been to Walt Disney World many times. Upon our return from Disneyland the question on the lips of many friends, family, clients, chiropractor, pastor… has been “So do you like Walt Disney World or Disneyland better”? I will be honest I may have been a little…okay a lot biased with my love for Walt Disney World. I knew I would enjoy our time at Disneyland BUT I wasn’t expecting to LOVE Disneyland as much as I now do!!!

My family stayed on property at the Disneyland Hotel and I was thrilled with how close it was to everything!!! Unlike, Walt Disney World where they have many, many, many onsite hotels to choose from Disneyland has 3 on property resorts. The 3 on property resorts are: Paradise Pier, Disneyland Hotel, and The Grand Californian. The resorts are so conveniently located and within walking distance to Downtown Disney (yes, it is still Downtown Disney at Disneyland), Disneyland, California Adventure, and the monorail (which will take you to Tomorrowland in the Disneyland park). My family enjoyed a few hours to rest and swim on most afternoons so the ability to just walk or take the monorail and be back to our room shortly was awesome!

Even though Disneyland is quite a bit smaller than Walt Disney World we always had plenty to do! We were in the theme parks for 3 days which looking back on I wish we had added a 4th day, especially being a first visit that happened to be during peak travel season. Just in case you are worried that you won’t be walking as much as you would at Walt Disney World no need for concern – we logged 9 1/2 miles onto our fitbits on just our first day at the parks! Disneyland does have some of the same attractions as Walt Disney World but what we noticed was that many of them weren’t exactly the same, and we actually enjoyed some of them more. Make sure to try “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “It’s a small World”. I took my 3 year old on “It’s a Small World” because I HAD to go on it for the history behind it. I quickly discovered it was much different then what I am used to at Walt Disney World. It looks like it has been updated and there are Disney characters within nearly every scene. My daughter loved it and her smile helped remind me of the magic of Disney and how these are memories that I will be treasuring for many years!Smiles

Disneyland has many attractions and shows that are unique to just Disneyland SOME of them include: Indiana Jones Adventure, the Matterhorn, everything in Cars Land (AMAZING), California Screamin’, Grizzly River Run, and Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln. Another difference between Walt Disney World and Disneyland is how they do FastPasses. FastPasses are a ticket (at Disneyland) or a swipe of your Magic Band (Walt Disney World) during a pre-determined time that allows you to bypass the standard wait line and go in a much faster FastPass line! Walt Disney World has a top notch system that allows you to choose FastPasses 60 days before you travel. For the planner in me it was the worst having to wait to get my FastPasses 1 at time in the theme parks.

At Disneyland there are FastPasses for the following attractions:

  • Big Thunder Mountain RailroadFastPass Disneyland
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours

At California Adventure there are fastpasses for the following attractions:

  • California Screamin’
  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Radiator Springs Racers (Go first thing and get your FastPass for this attraction as it fills up fast. The distribution area is near It’s Tough to be a Bug)
  • Soarin’ over California
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • World of Color (This is the only FastPass that you can select and immediately go get another FastPass without having to use it first. The distribution area is near Grizzly River Run)

For the World of Color FastPass make sure you show up even before the allotted FastPass time it states on your ticket. When you arrive you will get in a waiting cue and those closest to the front of the line will be have the best area in the section with which to view the show. The show is on the water and viewers are required to stand which makes it difficult, and nearly impossible to see if  you have tall people standing in front of you.

Dining reservations are different between the two destinations as well. Dining reservations are highly suggested for Walt Disney World and the reservations can be made 180 days in advance. Dining reservations are not as heavily needed for most restaurants at Disneyland, although highly recommended, if you are interested in a particular restaurant or in character dining, and reservations can be made 60 days before you travel. Make sure to work with your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist regarding dining recommendations. If staying on property at Disneyland you will have a character dining experience conveniently located at your resort as each of the 3 on property resorts have a character dining restaurant.

So back to the question “do I like Walt Disney World or Disneyland better”….is like asking me which of my kids I love more! Although, there are similarities they are different and I LOVE them both and can’t wait until our next visit!!!

Beth Rodgers

Travel Specialist


One of the most sought after reservations on Disney Property is dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table with some of Disney’s most famous princesses. As if this wasn’t exciting and special enough, there is a way to make this experience extra special….how about a special dessert for your little Prince or Princess…or maybe even an extra celebration for someone in your party for their anniversary or birthday or first visit!

With the help of your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist, we can take your meal to the next level! Once your Cinderella’s Royal Table reservation is made, you can add one of the following options to your reservation. These add on’s must be requested before you dine. See those details below. **Please note that these options can be added to your breakfast, lunch or dinner reservation.

Signature Slipper Dessert
This is such an affordable add on to your dining experience and one that will make your princess smile! You can choose between a white chocolate or dark chocolate slipper. They are then filled with chocolate mousse and presented with Fresh Berries. The plate can be personalized with up to 4 words. It typically serves one person and costs $12.50 plus tax and gratuity.

A Crown for your Prince
This is the same as the Signature Slipper Dessert but with a white chocolate crown (dark chocolate is not available) for your little prince! This is also $12.50 plus tax and gratuity.

Cinderella Glass Slipper
Presented on a platter of rose petals and is a perfect keepsake for their visit to the castle. This costs $65.00 (plus tax and gratuity). **This slipper is not engraved.

Her Royal Highness Package
This package will make her feel like true royalty!

It includes:
• a Princess balloon
• a 3-inch crystal tiara
• an exclusive Princess cake

After arriving to your reservation, the Royal Attendant presents a tiara with crystals to the guest of honor. They let a family member officially crown them princess for the day! At the end of the meal, will be an amazing Princess cake prepared by Cinderella’s Royal Chefs.

This is a two-tiered 6-inch and 4-inch all vanilla or all chocolate cake decorated in the style of her favorite Disney Princess and personalized with one of the following phrases- “Happy Birthday (insert name)”, “Happy Birthday Princess”, or “Princess (insert name)”!

Cake Options
The cake is a two tiered cake (6 inch and 4 inch). You will choose either all chocolate or all vanilla for your flavor. Depending on the princess of your choosing, minimum notices are required.
• Anna & Elsa, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White cakes require a 3 day notice.
• Merida, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Sofia the First and Tiana cakes require a 5 day notice.

This package costs $110.00 plus tax and an 18% gratuity. Payment is due at the time you dine.

A La Carte
You can order the elements of the Royal Highness Package Separately as well!
• Princess Balloon: $10.00
• 3-inch crystal tiara is $20.00 or the 5-inch crystal tiara is $37.00
• The Princess cake is $80.00
**all plus tax and gratuity

At least a 72 hour notice is required for any of these options (some of the cakes require a 5 day notice). Let your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist know of your interest and they will take the steps necessary to order the celebration add-on of your choice!

**All prices and package details are subject to change.

Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist

On your drive to Orlando, Florida…more often than not, you have been traveling down the Florida Turnpike.  If so, you may have also witnessed a sign for Toll/State Road 429.   Construction began back in 2000, and it was completed in 2012.  So, what is this mystery road and why is it important to my Disney vacation?

As a former WDW Cast Member, who actually lived off an exit of the 429, I can say that this toll road was constructed to bypass the headache that is I-4 and the congestion of Downtown Orlando/Universal/Seaworld/I-Drive traffic.  State Road 429 exits the Florida Turnpike and keeps you West of the hubbub, takes you past some lovely towns in the western suburbs of Orlando, and eventually drops you off near Davenport, FL on the south side of I-4.  This toll road isn’t traveled much, and really shows you the beauty of the remaining orange groves in the area.  

The BEST part, however, is that the 429 has an exit called ‘Western Way’. While many people overlook this exit – Disney experts and locals alike KNOW this is the BEST way to enter Disney property!

Western Way is the Western Entrance to Walt Disney World!  Complete with ‘welcome’ gates!  What looks residential and with warehouses, this exit will allow you to enter Disney property right next door to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and minutes from the All Star Resorts, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom park – as well as easy access to the rest of Disney property.  

With minimal traffic, it’s the easiest way to get on property after a lengthy drive.  You’ll avoid the headache of I-4 and the busier entrances to Walt Disney World.  

It’s a lovely way to take some stress out of that long drive!

Need help planning the rest of your vacation?  Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist today!

Amy Sowinski
Travel Specialist