Dining Plan vs. No Dining Plan?

Is the Disney Dining Plan worth it?  What’s included in the Dining Plan?  Do we have to pick from only a select few entrees?  These are just a few of the great questions we get from clients about the Disney Dining Plan.

Quite simply……….YES!  The Disney Dining Plan is worth it.  There are over 200 restaurants on property that accept the Disney Dining plan and you will find a wide variety of dining options on the menus are restaurants across the parks, resort properties and Downtown Disney area.

The Disney Dining Plan can actually save you MONEY.  In fact, it’s about a 20% savings on the Plus Dining Plan and about 25% off the Deluxe Dining Plan.  My family was recently on vacation at Walt Disney World this past summer and this is an example of my dining for the day.

Quick Service Meal with drink at Pecos Bill’s     $15.00

Snack (Dole Whip!)                                                 $5.00

Character Dinner at Chef Mickey’s + tip              $59.99 + $12.00

Total Cost                                                             $92.99

On the Plus Dining Plan (Disney’s most popular dining plan), you receive 1 table service restaurant, 1 counter service restaurant and 1 snack per person for each night’s stay at your Disney resort property.  The cost of the day’s worth of dining on the Plus Dining Plan meal would have been around $60.64!

Whether you’re a family who’s “on the go” and doesn’t want to be “too scheduled” with your day, a family that enjoys adding character meals to their itinerary to get that extra one on one time with multiple characters, or a couple looking to experience the amazing  Signature Dining experiences that Disney offers its guests, there is a Disney Dining Plan for you!  Your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist will work with you to determine which dining play is the perfect fit for your Disney vacation.  As a Me and The Mouse client, your travel specialist will also share “hints and tips” on how to stretch and make the most of your Disney Dining Plan.

If you’re like my family, you like to have the details of your vacation taken care of.  Adding the Disney Dining Plan allows you to save money, as well as lets everyone choose exactly what they want to eat without having to discuss: “How many drinks are we buying?  Can I have dessert?”  When you’re spending time at “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, you don’t want to walk all around looking at meals and menu pricing.  With the Disney Dining Plan, the details are already taken care of for you.

We love the ease and the money savings that the Disney Dining Plan adds to resort guests stay at Walt Disney World!  Let your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist know that you want a Disney Dining Plan added to your resort vacation package.


  • All Disney Dining Plans include a Resort Refillable Mug ($18.00 value).
    • Guests 2 and under do not have to be on a Dining Plan, but are welcome to share a meal with another family member.
(adults 10 years and older)
(children 3-9 years)
Quick Service Dining $41.99 $16.03
Plus Dining $60.64 $19.23
Deluxe Dining $109.53 $29.86
Premium Package $196 $137
Platinum Dining $256 $177

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist

Birthdays and Disney…put the two together and you have the makings for a truly memorable occasion!  The first time I celebrated my birthday at Disney I turned 6.  I still remember the birthday fondly, waking up with the excited butterfly’s that it was my special day and we were at DISNEY WORLD!  I recall taking pictures with all the Disney characters I could with my new little blue Kodak camera my parents had gotten me for my birthday.  I remember riding The Haunted Mansion with my head buried into my dad’s side through the entire attraction and him trying to coax me to look by telling me that all the ghosts were dancing and eating birthday cake to celebrate my birthday (which may have made me glance).

Disney World is such a magical place that just being there is celebration enough BUT they really do offer more “Disney Magic” to make birthday’s truly special.

happy birthday

If you are staying on property you can order a celebration cake to be delivered directly to your room via room service or guest services. A 6 inch Cake may also be purchased at full service restaurants as well.  To order the 6 inch cake you just need to talk with the Cast Member at the podium in the restaurant.  If you would prefer a cake that is customized/personalized they will need 72 hour notice and this can be done by calling the cake hotline at 407.827.2253.  Personalized cakes can be delivered to pretty much any Disney table service restaurant so let the cake hotline know where you will be dining on that special person’s birthday!  If you don’t want a full cake but just a little something make sure to inform the server about the birthday boy or girl and they will make sure the special birthday person gets a cupcake with a candle delivered to the table (Table service restaurants only).

First off, stop by your front desk or any guest services to pick up a FREE “Happy Birthday” celebration button.  This button may acquire the wearer many “well wishes” and “extra” special treatment from the Disney’s cast members.  If your child has an autograph book and they are wearing their birthday badge of honor then they will probably get many well wishes in their autograph book from all of their favorite Disney characters.

Also, available to guests staying on property are character birthday messages/phone calls!  Let the front desk know of the birthday so they can inform some favorite characters of the special person’s birthday.  Sometimes when the cast members learn of birthdays when you check in they may work some Disney magic and you may come back to your room and find balloons or an autographed picture (this is not guaranteed…but we’ve had special deliveries arrive in our room).

Birthday’s at Epcot are fun as you make your way “around the world” Cast Member’s from each country will extend birthday greetings in the language of that country.  For some more memorable birthday experiences make sure to talk to your travel specialist about booking these options:

Senses a Disney Spa at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

La Nouba

Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique

Pirate League

Surfing Lessons at Typhoon Lagoon

Goofy’s Candy Company located in Disney Springs actually offers birthday parties for guests in their party room!  They have 2 party theme options and with either option you will receive party invitations as well as thank you cards and 2 personal party hosts to help during the birthday party.  The party theme options are:

Goofy’s Scien-Terrific Birthday Bash features:

  • Glow Glasses
  • Treat of your choice to decorate
  • Goofy Autographed Photo
  • Party Balloon
  • Goofy Glacier build-a-cup and glacier of your choice
  • Goofy games to play
  • With this themed party the birthday child receives a balloon and a Goofy gumball machine.

Perfectly Princess Party features:

  • Glow necklace
  • Treat of your choice to decorate
  • Autographed Cinderella photo
  • Party Balloon
  • Goofy Glacier build-a-cup and glacier of your choice
  • Perfectly Princess games to play
  • The birthday child receives a crown, sash, a boxed glass slipper and mylar balloon

Whether it is your birthday or your “very happy un-birthday” there are countless ways to make the day special including topping it off with some pretty amazing fireworks!  For further information on any of these activities please make sure to contact your Me and the Mouse Travel Agent.


Here is my sister and I on that first birthday trip I am the star struck one on the right.

Beth Rodgers

Travel Specialist