Wilderness-explorersCalling all Wilderness Explorers!  Are you ready to journey through the jungle, find your way through the forests and make your way through Animal Kingdom Park to earn your wilderness badges?

Follow in the footsteps of Russell and his faithful dog, Dug from the movie UP! as you tackle dozens of self-guided activities that get you exploring and experiencing Animal Kingdom Park in a new way.  With over 30 badges to earn and collect, this is a great activity to continue to enjoy on multiple visits to the park.  Every challenge is different and once you complete an activity, you collect a new sticker badge to put in your official Wilderness Explorer field guide.Photo0232FourBySix

To register as a Wilderness Explorer, head to the bridge near the Oasis to Discovery Island.  Your explorer will be given instructions and a map showing the park location for each task to be completed.    The first task you will need to complete is to learn the Wilderness Explorer call.  You are taught “The wilderness must be explored!”  Then you learn the “Caw Caw” and finally the “”Roar!”  Pay attention and remember because the Team Leaders at the different stations may require you to give the special call.   Scouts must also say the Wilderness Explorers’ Motto, which is a short pledge to be “a friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole.”

wilderness handbookWilderness Explorer activities may include solving a puzzle, going on a scavenger hunt or learning about a culture.  Activities are based on the age of the child playing, so Wilderness Explorers of all ages can enjoy earning their badges at the WE stations set-up throughout the park.

When you earn 5 badges, you achieve the rank of Tadpole.  When you earn 10 badges, you are a Minnow.  At 20 badges, you are a Fish.  When you earn all the badges you become a Senior Wilderness Explorer!!!  Remember, you don’t need to earn all your badges in one day.  (That would be very difficult to do.)   You can continue to earn your badges and fill up your Wilderness Explorer field guide on your return trips to the park.

Who’s ready to go exploring at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park?

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist


Agent P resized

Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s is up to his evil schemes around the World Showcase and Agent P, is in need of your help.  Join The Agency and see what Doofenshmirtz is up to and stop him!!!

To start your unpaid internship, check in at a recruitment center located at the Odyssey Bridge, Norway Pavillion, Italy Pavillion or near the International Gateway and pick up your interactive F.O.N.E (Field Operative Notification Equipment).   Major Monogram and Carl, the summer intern, will call you with details for your upcoming mission.  Your mission begins right away!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will occur within one country of the World Showcase.  Two to four agents can share a F.O.N.E. to complete a mission.  Missions take place in Mexico, Norway, China, Paris, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.  With clues sent from Carl and Major Monogram, you will complete tasks which may include taking photos with your interactive, handheld device, speaking the native language (say ‘fromage!”), and special effects, like talking statues.  Each mission has between five and ten assignments with code names and your entire mission will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete within the country.  With a little skill and a little help from Agent P, you will put together the clues and defeat Doofenshmirtz and be rewarded with a special “thank you” for saving the world.

After you complete your mission, you can decide to continue to assist O.W.A.C (Agency Without a Cool Acronym) by solving another mission or return your F.O.N.E. at any recruitment center.   Agent P’s World Showcase Missions are free to guest with a valid park ticket, so take your young agents and start getting Doofenshmirtz!

Well done, secret agent!   The World thanks you!

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist