DCL dining

Cruises are known around the world for spectacular food choices but Disney Cruise Line takes it a step beyond and adds some of their pixie dust magic to make dining on any of their ships a special event every night!

Disney has so many great aspects to their dining but one of the things that make cruising with Disney so special is their rotational dining service. With 3 main dining rooms on board each ship, passengers rotate through each of them to experience the unique atmospheres, cuisines, and entertainment. Not only do you rotate through the main restaurants, your servers also rotate with you, allowing them to get to know you and your preferences. Take the time to get to know your servers too – they have some amazing stories they can share that will captivate you and your children.

 Animator’s Palate is the only main restaurant that appears on all four of Disney’s cruise ships. It’s not just a restaurant but a stage for a captivating show that you are immersed in. When you enter the room, everything you can imagine that would be in an artist’s studio is there. As the meal progresses, the room comes to life and color surrounds you. The newest of the ships have screens with character interaction and some ships even incorporate your personal art and give it life right in front of your eyes! The finale is spectacular to behold, but no spoilers – you’ll need to book a sailing to find out what makes it so magical!

For families seated at the second dining service, Disney offers Dine and Play for the children. This feature allows children to receive their meal quickly and then be whisked away to the various children’s programs, escorted by Disney’s youth staff. The adults are then left to dine leisurely on their own while their children are having a blast.

Adults that want a private meal, without any children, have the option of eating at Palo’s or Remy’s – adult only restaurants available for an additional upcharge. These upscale restaurants are the time to indulge in sumptuous cuisine and enjoy the high-class atmosphere as you take in the spectacular ocean views. Reservations for these restaurants go quickly but fortunately can be reserved before you even board your ship.

All of Disney’s cruise ships have snacks and meals available around the clock included in your cruising experience. During the day, the pool deck has multiple choices for quick bites to satisfy any craving, including those with an ice cream weakness. Also available is the free 24-hour soda station but we recommend you along your own refillable cup for larger servings. Buffets are open for breakfast and lunch and are filled with amazing high quality selections including unlimited seafood, sushi, and made to order selections. For anyone who gets middle of the night cravings, room service is just a call away and is also included in your cruise package. If you do call room service, be sure to order one of their cookies – they are perfect for any sweet tooth!

Enjoy your Disney Cruise dining experience but beware, you may need to work out when you get home after partaking of such amazing food!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist