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Exclusive to Disney Cruise Line guests, the Castaway Cay 5K is a free runDisney fun run available on most Disney cruises visiting Castaway Cay. If you are a runner or walker this is a spectacular challenge to be a part of!

The night before the 5K, we were excited to see in our Personal Navigator the race listed. Our group of runners got up bright and early on the day we docked at Castaway Cay and met onboard to sign up for the race and to learn about the adventure we were about to conquer. We had some of our younger children with us who were interested in doing the race as did many other parents. We found out that only those 12 and older could sign up for the race but that didn’t discourage our children. They ran with us on the island but did not have an official race number.  The course is open to all island visitors and not blocked off for runners only so this is possible for all families with young runners. You will however want to make sure your children are supervised during their run if you should choose to allow them on the course.

After disembarking the ship as a group, we headed on a long walk towards the beginning of the 5K course. It took about 15 minutes to get to the start of the race, but it was a good warm up before the run. The walk went by Scuttle’s Cove where many parents dropped off their children to be supervised by the friendly Disney children’s programming staff. They also had a place for people to store their items while they ran if they chose not to head back to the ship right after the race.  

Adrenaline built up upon seeing the 5K start sign and before we knew it, we were off!  The start of the race heads down a short path towards the airplane landing strip. Part way down the strip, you head off onto a lush looped path that takes you by the island’s observation tower. Along the path, water was available and with the humidity that day, a welcome for many of us. At the end of the loop, we finished running the rest of the landing strip, and then we retraced our steps back to the start.

The Disney cruise staff cheered us all along the way. What a great encouragement to keep on going that morning. At the end, we received what we had really come for, not just more cheers but the coveted, albeit plastic, Mickey winner medals! For those runners that treasure their race t-shirts, you can splurge a bit and treat yourselves to a Castaway Cay 5K t-shirt located at merchandise store located at the start/finish line of the course too.

All in all, if you are interested in a fun and positive running environment I’d recommend running the Castaway Cay 5K. You will not regret the accomplishment you make on your already amazing Disney Cruise Line vacation!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist


Apprentices wanted at Walt Disney World!  Did you know that there is an interactive game included with your park admission to Magic Kingdom?  Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive trading card adventure that kids of all ages will love that involves battling various Disney villains throughout Magic Kingdom’s themed lands (except Tomorrowland) using special spell cards.

Socerers3To get started, guests need to check-in at the Main Street Firehouse, where you are given a specialized park map pointing out the various locations of the game, along with a Sorcerer Key card that activates the game screens and keeps track of your progress in the game, and a set of Spell Cards.  
The main play areas are Magic Portals located throughout Magic Kingdom.  Merlin opens up the portal and allows you to interact with the characters and defend Magic Kingdom park from an army of Disney villains   To activate the magic portal, a guest scans their key card at a keyhole which activates the Magic Portal screen.  The spell cards hold various attacks of differing strengths used to fight the Disney villains.  The game can be played in 15 to 20 minute segments throughout your day at the Magic Kingdom, or you can continuously play for up to 2-3 hours.  Socerers
You can get more cards every time you visit the Magic Kingdom and trade your duplicates with other guests.  However, there are some special cards only given out during the Halloween and Christmas parties.  Additional booster packs of seven cards, one board game, and tokens can be purchased for $11.95 at various retail outlets throughout Walt Disney World for playing in the park or if your family wants to continue the fun once they return home.
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is just another fun “extra” that Disney provides for its guests.  It’s a fun and interactive game for all ages, but at our house its a favorite for those who have read the Kingdom Keeper series of books.

Tressa Krippel

Travel Specialist




dscn4391The shows on the Disney Magic can be considered elaborate and grandiose but there is another show that the Disney Magic offers that is intimate and just as captivating. The Art of the Theme Show Tour is an adult only tour of the ship that gives you insight into how the Disney Cruise Line’s first ship became the new standard of family cruising on the high seas.

Meeting outside Palo, the Magic’s adult only restaurant, the tour starts by taking you back to the building of the ship in Venice. Paying tribute to that great city, the details in Palo are explained and the story is given of the Venetian mask that hangs in honor in the restaurant, and the maker of the mask who gave it to the Magic as a thank you for being able to watch this great ship being built.

Next, the tour takes you down a few decks to the children’s activities floor where you learn how the height of the ceiling was purposefully dropped to an appropriate height for the children they want to warmly welcome. You also get the chance to hear the story of how Flounder’s Reef Nursery was created from a kitchen when the need for the nursery so quickly became apparent. Included in the story is how the sister ship, the Disney Wonder, had to convert their kitchen into a nursery during the voyage from Europe to North America and its successful opening, only hours after arriving in New York City.

On the fourth deck, the stories take you outside to see the yellow lifeboats. You learn how the Disney Magic was the first ship to have yellow colored lifeboats approved for safety, and the challenges they needed to overcome to have the color yellow approved by all official agencies.

Throughout the tour, the optical illusions aboard the Disney Magic are slowly revealed to the guests. Subtle touches allow you to feel the majesty of the ship and how Disney has taken these measures to ensure you have a most memorable and delightful cruise. Next time you are on the Disney Magic or another of Disney’s amazing cruise ships, look for the Art of the Theme Show Tour on your navigator and check it out. Your eyes will open to the delight that only a Disney cruise can provide!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist